Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Top Ten: Greatest Hits

For fairweather readers (that's you Oscar addicts!) and for bloggie judges (hint. hint) who may be visiting, catch up on the best --or at least most popular --of the recent back log:

01 Kissing Jake Gyllenhaal You may have only thought about kissing Jake Gyllenhaal while you were sitting in a movie theater but you can kiss this movie star anywhere and in many different ways... (Nov)

02 Guess Who? I Draw For You? How fast can you identify this winning actress? (Nov)

03 Top Ten Future Biopics Since Hollywood won't stop making them, I'm crying uncle and imagining the ones I actually want to see. (Aug)

04 A Blurb Whore is Born The Film Experience finally made it onto a movie poster. Up next: completely selling out to corporate America. (Dec)

05 Podcast Got 45 minutes to spare? Try my interview with Marisa Tomei and a lively Viggolicious discussion of the Screen Actors Guild Awards (Jan)

06 H.S. I Love You an (sarcastic) ode to my (least) favorite actress. (Aug)

07 Twelve Thoughts I Had While Watching Enchanted What it sounds like. This may become a regular series since the 3:10 to Yuma edition was also a hit (Nov)

08 Twins: Pink Ladies Dolores Umbridge meets Elle Woods. Their colors are pink and pink. (July)

09 "It's a Gusher" The kickoff to the month long awardage, year in review, and list-making that the site is (minorly) famous for... (Jan)

10 A Guide to Recognizing You're Channing Tatum A surprisingly controversial post that was all for a spot of fresh fun during deadly serious festival season (Sept)


Anonymous said...

The foreign language film committee just pulled some true mess with their nine choices. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

It's always brilliant when you whore.