Monday, January 07, 2008

Link Therapy

MTV Movies Blog on David Fincher's immediate future
Broadway Abridged destroys Young Frankenstein in one witty image
Filmmaker David Lynch on the iPhone

Fabulon Catherine O'Wacky
IFC on the critical wrangle over There Will Be Blood's gushing finale
pullquote Cinetrix skewers that LDS lovin' DVD censorship machine "Clear Play". It horrifies me that people are dumb enough to think that you don't miss anything if you edit out language and sex scenes. Try A History of Violence without the mirrored sex scenes and you go from a movie of utter genius to a bizarre and intermittently violent thriller. I hate stupid people.

no brain activity whatsoever
<--- The Cashmere Mafia. Did anyone watch that new Lucy Liu TV show last night? Utter catastrophe. I don't care if it does have some of the same team as Sex & The City. It's a creatively bankrupt soulless rip off. It even steals shots and sound. Did it have to come complete with little plinky musical beats and actual worms eye shots of clouds zooming by above Manhattan skyscrapers? And that's just window dressing. Four hot women/best friends and their man troubles, one with crazy fashion sense! Dear lord this thing was unimaginative. And offensive too, offering up condescending age old sexual politics: the message --women really can't have it all. Successful women are very hard for men to be with. Feel bad for the men (the poor emasculated things) and watch the women blame themselves. Yay! Everyone involved (Miranda Otto excluded --I can almost never believe its her she's so different in everything I see her in) should be ashamed of themselves.


PIPER said...

Man, I love David Lynch. While others praise the technology and the novelty of being able to watch movies on your phone (me being one of them) he makes you feel like a schmuck. And you can't blame him. Like chapters on a DVD, Lynch wants to preserve the viewing experience and good for him.

Thanks Nat for this. I'm linking to it.

Anonymous said...

I watched 5 minutes of Cashmere Mafia and turned the tv off.

In other news who should replace Kidman in The Reader, she reportedly dropped out?

Ed Howard said...

That Lynch thing is spreading like wildfire, as it well deserves to. It reminds me of his older comments on product placement, which is similarly succinct in its dismissal. The man has a way of saying "fuck" that makes you feel like anyone who disagrees with his assessment is likely covered in slime, he sounds so disgusted by the very thought of what he's talking about.

Ditto on Cashmere Mafia, not that I was ever too inclined to watch it in the first place. But I caught a few minutes of it and found it even more laughably bad than even my lowest expectations could've prepared me for.

WickedScorp said...

Housewives was good tho.

Anonymous said...

//In other news who should replace Kidman in The Reader, she reportedly dropped out?//

Supposedly Kate Winslet is in talks to take the role, anon.


Anonymous said...

CM was one of the worst things I've ever seen on network TV! UGH!