Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vote for The Film Experience ~ Last Chance

The 2008 Bloggies are coming
voting has now closed. thanks to all who voted for the film experience
I'm hoping to catch the nominating committee's eye for "best entertainment blog" and "best kept secret" or "best writing" categories. I know I don't feel like a secret to any of you reading but in the grand scheme of things I'm a tiny individual voice in the collective and increasingly corporatized interweb din.

You need to nominate more than one blog when you go there. May I suggest the following:

Entertainment Blog and/or Best Kept Secret
That's me!

Other blogs worth looking at if your voting on either of these categories (plus, take a look at the sidebar for other ideas)

Best Writing
here are some blogs I think have a great "voice" ...besides mine ;)

In unhumble moments I sometimes feel like a blogging fusion of Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Johnny Depp (prior to Pirates of the Caribbean, natch) in that I can't get nominated for anything to save my life. Despite heaps of talent (unhumble moment, remember) It's so weird. Maybe its a blackly comic cosmic punishment since I write about awardage so often?

I'm working my ass off here

Next: Who knows? Something's coming, though. Something always is right here.


Anonymous said...

Finally. I've been checking periodically throughout the day (I'm from England so I was probably even checking while you were asleep) to see if the Year In Review had started.

P.S. You've got my vote.

Sam Brooks said...

Voted for you! It'd be really cool to see you win a Bloggie!


I just wanna get nominated.
i'm sure i can't win up against big corporate multi-voice blogs ;)

Anonymous said...


P.S.: FYC - Molly Shannon (Year of the dog) - Best Actress.

Anonymous said...

Done (with Awards Daily and In Contention).

Anonymous said...

Just voted. (Fingers crossed!)

But a suggestion (for next year?): I had trouble with the nomination because yours is the only blog I read with any regularity, but the form requires at least three be nominated, so I just spent about half an hour with your sidebar, choosing a couple other blogs I thought worthy of some recognition.

Maybe in the future you could FYC a couple other blogs to help those of us who aren't quite as deep in the scene?


good idea!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem as dusty - luckily I remembered my love of Kim Morgan's Sunset Gun (she got my vote for best writing) and I discovered Acidemic through Nat's link to (got my vote for best kept secret).

Nat, I put you down for "Lifetime Acheivement" - I think you're eligible for that, right?


Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, thank you for unabashedly massaging our collective prostates with the recommendation.



P.S. Everyone, vote for Film Experience as the best entertainment website this side of Hollywood Elsewhere - and that's just because Jeffrey Wells does NOTHING else but write.

The Siren said...

thank you so much for the plug. I did toddle over to vote at the Bloggies, which I confess I hadn't heard of previously. Fingers crossed.