Wednesday, January 16, 2008

8th Character in Showgirls

Approximately every 8 days in 2008 we celebrate the 8th Something of Something. How specific

In Showgirls, 1995's gaudy masterwork, we spend our first eight minutes with spazztastic Nomi Malone played by Elizabeth Berkely. Elizabeth first "acts" with SAG members playing a shady truck driver, a coingirl and a sleazy john as she arrives in Vegas. Then the true supporting characters begin to emerge. Molly the seamstress, the fifth character introduced, rescues Nomi from the streets taking her into her home (a trailer) and into her workplace where we meet several characters in succession starting with bossy Gay, naked bitch Annie and Annie's arch enemy, the 8th character introduced

...sequin tossing Julie

(from left to right: Julie, Molly, Gay)

Gay: Julie, what happened?
Julie: I don't know. It just ripped.

Oh Julie... always with the waldrobe malfunctions, you minx!

Nobody speaks of Julie (Melissa Williams) when they talk about Showgirls and that's a shame. Within her very first minute of screentime Verhoeven and Esterzhas crown her Showgirl's Resident Queen Empress of Foreshadowing. She telegraphs it all: leztastic rivalries "who wants to see her snatch anyway?", evil seed planting "Wouldn't it be great if one of these nights she just fell down the stairs?", and future wardrobe 'accidents.'

So give it up for Julie in the comments.

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Glenn Dunks said...

My favourite bit with Julie is when she not-so-subtly throws beads on the stage so the black chick will slip.

Although I think I love that bit most of all because the doctor squeezes the girl's knee and she winces in pain. So, naturally, the doctor deducts "It's her knee!"

Aah. Brilliance I tellsya! BRILLIANCE!


if ya clink on the embedded link that's exactly what'cha get (the bead throwin' that is)

Glenn Dunks said...

awww, poor Annie. Joe Esterhauz (er, however it's spelt) must've had a ball writing for her. She's a woman and she's black. So. Many. Stereotypes.

Jason Adams said...

Ha, I was going to pop in here and exclaim that bead-dropping moment my fave, too. I love the slow-motion and the look on Julie's face. WONDERFUL.

This movie is True Love Embodied. It makes my heart bleed sunshine.

Brian Darr said...

Julie gets mentioned (briefly) in this brilliant piece.


Brian, thanks for that link. what a read.

Brian Darr said...

Sure thing! I wrote something up for that Blog-a-thon (the very first!) but it wasn't among the best entries. Eric's was certainly the most memorable.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Nathaniel, you light up my life.

KingRoper said...

Don't forget when Julie's kids come to visit backstage (in their jammies holding teddy bears!) and they're SHOCKED when Annie uses the 'f-word' in front of them...

Never mind that they're surrounded by tits and vaginas... even their Mom's.

Julie= Mother of the Year?