Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Oscar Nominations

if you click on any of the links it will take you to a separate page detailing that category --expect more juicy details to emerge in each category over the next two weeks.

Atonement (7 nominations)
Juno (4 nominations)
Michael Clayton (7 nominations)
No Country For Old Men (8 nominations)
There Will Be Blood (8 nominations)

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Anderson -There Will Be Blood
Coen Bros -No Country For Old Men
Gilroy -Michael Clayton
Reitman -Juno
Schnabel -Diving Bell and Butterfly

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Clooney -Michael Clayton
Day-Lewis -There Will Be Blood
Depp -Sweeney Todd
Jones -In the Valley of Elah
Mortensen -Eastern Promises

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Blanchett -Elizabeth the Golden Age
Christie -Away From Her
Cotillard -La Vie En Rose
Linney -The Savages
Page -Juno

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Affleck -Assasssination of Jesse James
Bardem -No Country For Old Men
Hoffman -Charlie Wilsons War
Holbrook -Into the Wild
Wilkinson -Michael Clayton

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Blanchett -I'm Not There
Dee -American Gangster
Ronan -Atonement
Ryan -Gone Baby Gone
Swinton -Michael Clayton

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Lars and the Real Girl
Michael Clayton
The Savages

Away From Her
Diving Bell and Butterfly
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood

Beaufort -Israel
The Counterfeiters -Austria
Katyn -Poland
Mongol -Kazakshtan
"12" -Russia

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Surf's Up

Assassination of Jesse James -Deakins
Atonement -Garvey
Diving Bell and Butterfly -Kaminski
No Country For Old Men -Deakins
There Will Be Blood -Elswit

American Gangster -Max
Atonement -Greenwood
The Golden Compass -Gassner
Sweeney Todd -Ferretti
There Will Be Blood -Fisk

Across the Universe -Wolsky
Atonement -Durran
Elizabeth the Golden Age -Byrne
Sweeney Todd -Atwood
La Vie En Rose -Marit Allen (finally gets her first nomination posthumously)

costume design tribute pages

The Bourne Ultimatum -Rouse
The Diving Bell and Butterfly -Welfling
Into the Wild -Cassidy
No Country For Old Men -"Roderick Jaynes" (i.e. The Coen Bros)
There Will Be Blood -Riegel & Tichenor

3:10 To Yuma -Beltrami
Atonement -Marianelli
The Kite Runner -Iglesias
Michael Clayton -Howard
Ratatouille -Giacchino

Bourne Ultimatum
3:10 to Yuma
No Country For Old Men

Bourne Ultimatum
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood

"Falling Slowly" Once
"Happy Working Song" Enchanted
"So Close" Enchanted
"That's How You Know" Enchanted
"Raise It Up" August Rush

No End in Sight
Operation: Homecoming
Taxi to the Dark Side

La Corona
Salim Baba
Sari's Mother

At Night
The Substitute
(omg. i've actually seen one of the nominees prior to nominations. How fresh)
The Mozart of Pickpockets
Tanghi Argentini
The Tonto Woman

I met the Walrus
Madame Tutli Putli
Even Pigeons Go To Heaven
My Love
Peter & The Wolf

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Emma said...


Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay

Calum Reed said...

Absoloutely crazy! Tommy Lee Jones? Jason Reitman? Massive Juno love. Based on these nominations it could challenge for the win.

Angelina got shafted though :-(

Ashley said...

no Johnny Greenwood for THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm exstatic for Tommy Lee Jones and absolutely thrilled about Atonement. Well deserved.

And Laura Linny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Where the heck did Surf's Up come from? Persepolis got in!

Nathaniel must have a done a double faint with the Blanchett+Linney nominations.

Ivan R. Lopez said...

Lot of love for Michael Clayton. Very surprised with some of the Juno nods.
Double dip for Blanchett? I'm sure Nathaniel is thrilled.

Anonymous said...


Emma said...

The Simpsons Movie was raped.

Norbit an Oscar nominee!

Steven said...

Three song nominations for Enchanted? But no nomination for Amy Adams? Boo. Maybe she'll still get to sing them live?

It's a shame Sweeney got such a poor showing, but at least Atonement got in! I always thought it would. If only James McAvoy were nominated too...

I know you didn't like it, Nathaniel, but I'm happy for La Vie en Rose, especially for Marion and makeup. By the way, where is Sweeney's makeup nomination?!

Ugh. O well, it remained interesting to the end. And I'm sure it's not the end yet.


Dan E. said...

Jonny Greenwood got disqualified because of the end credits, didn't he?

In other news, Norbit got nominated for Best Makeup. *shudder*

And maybe this will mean the Wajda film gets released in the US.

Surf's Up? Does the Academy really love penguins that much?

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Tommy Lee Jones but he was very good in The Valley of Elah. Well deserved.

So happy for The Lovely Laura Linney. Congrats, Mr. R..

So sad because our Brazilian film didn't make it.

And I never got the Into the Wild buzz. I haven't seen the film yet and I will probably enjoy very much. But...

The film had NO precursors. Why all the hype? Campaign? Could someone explain it to me? I never saw the nomination happening.

Marcelo - Brazil.

Joel said...

Now Norbit can join Click as an oscar nominated film. What were they thinking...

Anonymous said...

Now if only Linney can win the won damn thing!

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

Two things:
Surf's Up was obviously better than The Simpsons Movie.
Norbit was obviously more worthy of an Oscar nomination that 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.

Sam Brooks said...

The hell!?

No Jolie. What kind of shit are they playing at?

But yay for Tommy Lee Jones.

Good for Persepolis, though.

Anonymous said...

So, it's three pics with 8 noms (Michael Clayton, No country, and Blood), one with seven (Atonement) and one with four (Juno). pretty wide open. my counting might be wrong.

lawyer tony fernando said...

congrats Nat, you guessed Laura Linney, wow no Angelina, I´m not sad. Yay for atonement and saoirse, and Tommy Lee Jones and Schnabel and Viggo and Ratatoille for best screenplay.
I wanted Jodie and Ryan and James McAvoy, but you cant´[ have it all, but I always said if Angelica can score and Jodie cant´it´s an unffair world, well both are off now.
Cate twice, oh how does it feel Nat?
Liked, loved it? hate it? what´s your biggest suprise, what you liked most and hated most?

Peter said...

I was so bummed when Tommy Lee Jones missed a supporting slot... never dreamed he'd find his way into actor.

And I knew the Academy would come home to Atonement. Despite no director nom, it's got to be the frontrunner. As I've said many times, this is a 1996 replay we're watching.

Don't know if anyone's noticed this: aside from Michael Clayton, no film got more than one acting nomination. That hasn't happened since... I don't know when, still looking!

Sid said...

ATONEMENT!!! I was right! Though I missed Juno (for Into the Wild)

Glenn Dunks said...

YES!!! The Into the Wild snub - and the Atonement love that came with it - was just the news I wanted to hear. Although, for me, even though I liked Atonement more as a whole the one nominee that made me scream with delight was SARAH POLLEY!!!! oh.my.god.!!!.

No Angelina Jolie! Blanchett and Linney! Tommy Lee in best actor is a bit shocking, too! Reitman for best director? WOW, quite frankly.

So glad Penn/Hirsch and the film got snubbed. I'd feel bad if I wasn't so over the moon that Atonement and Sarah Polley made it in!

Also, Viggo is now an "Academy Award-nominee"

Sid said...

Ooh... and LINNEY!

Hedwig said...

Meh, I suck at predicting. In the 8 main categories, I got only 28/40 correct.

J.D. said...





Anonymous said...

oh! .. oh ! ..

2 blanchett !!!!!!!!!
Linney !!!!!!!!!
Atonement !!!!!!!!
no Jolie

--- Great !!!!! ----

Glenn Dunks said...

The precursers really screwed up this year (if you go by those things). Only one SAG ensemble nominee got a best picture nomination. Plus all the SAG acting categories are missing at least one Oscar nominee (Jones, Linney, Hoffman, Ronan). And the DGA now has another notch against it missing both Atonement and Juno. Now we can all say "in 2008 the DGA only correctly correlated 3/5 with best picture".

That Surf's Up nod is straaange.

Hedwig said...

BTW, yay for double cinematography awards for the awesome DP Roger Deakins! He might actually win one this year.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Linney! Atonement! Polley!

But, generally, disappointing for any number of reasons:

- Into the Wild snubbed
- Depp & Jones (not awful, but in such a strong year... make room! Especially when Jones would have made a worthy supporting nominee)
- Blanchett for Elizbeth
- Angelina Jolie snubbed
- Affleck in supporting (knew this was going to happen, but still)
- Hoffman
- Best Song (I'm not even mad about Enchanted... but Into the Wild missing out for August Rush...? Gross)
- Hairspray shut out completely
- Norbit?
- The sound branch's continued failure to justify two distinct categories

And some generally uninspired choices in the design categories.

Ah, well.

dzong2 said...

Can't believe Nathaniel got Laura Linney! That's incredible prognostication!

I'm happy I guessed Jason Reitman correctly (had him in 3rd position) but VERY sad that Tim Burton is snubbed yet again.

Now even I'm questioning the Foreign Film category....The movie from Kazakhstan is supposed to be gorgeous but tepid. Oh well, here in Japan people will be happy because the lead is "Japan's Johnny Depp", Tadanobu Asano.

Anonymous said...

So, i guess this means that guilds arent as credible as people thought. That Decemebr rules no longer counts - three of this years BP nominees were December films.

Good to know they at least watched the films this year. I honestly dont care that Juno or Blanchett is in. Gotto share the love.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that double Deakins nom is too much in a rich year like this. Same for Blanchett (but we've all been saying that all along anyway).

I think I'm most gutted about Angelina Jolie more than anything - because she'll still be Oscar-remembered for Girl, Interrupted - when she was PHENOMENAL this year.

And Gosling. Ah how I wanted to him to have consecutive noms - and I really thought it would happen against my better judgement.

Anonymous said...

Jason Reitman!! Laura Linney!! No Into the Wild!!! So awesome!!

Peter said...

Just finished checking... it's never happened before (only one movie getting multiple acting noms)

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen much of those too...but i have a feeling i'd love Atonement and Juno...so glad it's big...but it's also a pity for Into the wild and maybe Sweeney Todd.

Anonymous said...


I counted NCFOM and TWWB 8 each, Michael Clayton and Atonement 7

Glenn Dunks said...

I can't believe Norbit is a Razzie and an Academy Award nominee in the same day!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad both Laura and Cate made it. Ms Jolie will just have to console herself with Mr Pitt. Am very very happy for Tommy Lee Jones (although I thought he'd get it for NCFOM). And really happy they didn't forget Casey Affleck. Was a bit worried.

Anonymous said...

Eurgh - and the best song category is sick-inducing. So so so bad, not even mediocre but just poor (except for Once).

Peter said...

Also, I was terrified they'd snub PT Anderson at the last minute. Whew.

And how about Jason Reitman??


the thing with LINNEY is this: you watch that movie and there is no way you don't love her. Even if I didn't think it was a great performance (i do) it's an adorable performance and they go for that. I just figured they were watching their screeners.

as for Blanchett over Jolie. That sucks since Jolie had a much harder role and was terrific and totally understood when to restrain and when to break loose and how to interplay with the huge team swirling behind her.

but whatever. you win some. you lose some.

i'm still figure this all out as you know. SO MUCH TO GO OVER TODAY

Glenn Dunks said...


That's the whole shebang right there for anyone wanting to see it.

Beau said...

Jason Reitman - WHOA.
Ruby Dee - The bitch slap heard 'round the world came through.
Tommy Lee Jones - Represent.
Laura Linney - So glad.
'Atonement' - not feeling it.

'Into the Wild' snub - heartbreaking. Speaking of bitch slaps.

Anonymous said...

Surf's Fucking UP????

I'm pretty pissed that Blanchett got in over Jolie--you'd think the Academy would have been a little smarter about wanting to draw Brangelina to the awards, if there are any--but yay for Linney and Viggo! Too bad McAvoy couldn't get in, but he's young.

Such a white year at the Oscars--besides Ruby Dee. Not that that's anything new, but coming after the Hudson/Whitaker year, it seems so unbalanced. Too bad for Lust/Caution too.

Anonymous said...

Good observation about the acting nods peter....i'm amazed!

Anonymous said...

I'm there with you Beau on the Into the Wild bitchslap. I know it's not a loved film round these parts - but I really loved it. It is the most beautiful-looking film of the year, "Eric Gautier woz robbed." As were Keener and Hirsch, especially Keener for her ever-so subtle and quietly affecting work.

Glenn Dunks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glenn Dunks said...

I knew Across the Universe would get SOMETHING, but just wasn't game enough to predict it. Although in my Year in Advance predix I did predict it for costume design so GO ME!

SoSoSo happy for the crew of Ratatouille. Anim Feature, Screenplay, Score and two sound categories! All totally deserved.

As blah as the best song category is at least they've taken their new philosophe seriously and are trying to reward songs worked into the movie. Those three Enchanted noms just prove that a) Alan Menkin is their God and b) the system works. Serves New Line right for dumping "Ladies Choice" from Hairspray (better than all three Enchanted songs) for "Come So Far" - a closing credits song. SERVES THEM RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

I figured that Tommy Lee would have a chance. I know many that listed him number one on their ballots.

Anonymous said...

Oh Billy D, you just reminded me that Lust, Caution got snubbed for its gorgeous score. It didn't have any hope anywhere else (because the Academy voters are obviously deaf and blind to the film) - but Desplat! Hello!

Actually it's a really mixed nominations roster for me. Really mixed, so much so that I can't even be that happy about the successes where their chances were shaky - Atonement, Ruby Dee...


anyone know where a complete list is. THE ENVELOPE is listing six nominees in costume design so i'm worried about trusting that list.

and oscars.org is not updated and awards daily must have crashed.

Anonymous said...

IMDB has the complete list.

Beau said...

I'm right there with you, Amir. I mean, it got NOTHING.

Supporting Actress
Adapted Screenplay
Original Song

Just... it blows the mind. Does a divorce really factor into this race?
Think I'm gonna pull a Lohan and start the day off with a nice shot of something hard. Whiskey, perhaps.

So disenchanted right now.

Anonymous said...

IMDB has Into the Wild for Best Score instead of The Kite Runner, though (which is listed on Oscar.com)

Anonymous said...

Best Achievement in Costume Design
Nominees:Across the Universe (2007): Albert Wolsky

Atonement (2007): Jacqueline Durran

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007): Alexandra Byrne

Môme, La (2007): Marit Allen

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007): Colleen Atwood

Anonymous said...

The good:

Viggo Mortensen for Eastern Promises- hooray!!
Laura Linney for The Savages- double hooray!!
Sarah Polley for Away From Her- I actually had this in my predictions, no lie
Ratatouille for Original Score- almost makes up for Michael Giacchino's horrific snub for The Incredibles a few years back
Double love for Roger Deakins in Cinematography

The bad:
Cate over Angelina in Best Actress
Hairspray shut out
Jason Reitman over...well, anyone, in Director

The ugly:
The Oscar nominated...Norbit
Surf's Up?? Say what now??

Glenn Dunks said...

Nat, here

Costume was Across the Universe, Atonement, Elizabeth, La Vie en Rose, Sweeney Todd

Glenn Dunks said...

Come to think of it, many sites were saying Giacchino was nominated for The Incredibles yet it turned out he actually wasn't. Who was the sixth costume nominee they had?

J.D. said...

I figured there would be a posthumous nomination somewhere in here, and I'm glad it's Marit Allen, who does deserve it.

Michael Parsons said...


Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, and all that Zodiac talk? Just talk (unfortunately).

Nice that Marit Allen finally received a posthumas nomination.

Also, is The Bourne Ultimatum the first "third film" of a trilogy to get the first nomination of said trilogy? I imagine so, unless I've forgetting some major franchise...

Anonymous said...


Complete list (most titles in Spanish though haha)

RC said...

yea, it's sad it's oscar nominee norbit.

i wonder if more people will see there will be blood and if it'll get a chance to compete or cancel out some of no country's votes?

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that Into the Wild didn't get BP over Atonement.

I'm very happy that Tommy Lee Jones got in for Elah...overjoyed that Laura Linney got in for The Savages...and positively ecstatic that Angelina Jolie got left out for that poor excuse for acting in A Mighty Heart!

Anonymous said...

Oscar.com! Complete list of nominees there, of course!

Barry said...

I knew Tommy Lee Jones would get nominated!!! All those raves were not going to go to waste. Laura Linney's nominated!!!!!!!!! and I got all the Best Picture nominees right too!!!!! Atonement did great, scoring a Best Picture nod, as well as Juno who also get Best Director!!!

Anonymous said...

It's Depp who's taking up too much room in Best Actor - I mean he was the SOLE nominee for Sweeney Todd. They should've just left that film alone, and gone for a young'un (Hirsch/Gosling) instead.

Barry said...

AND Sarah Polley is nominated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hedwig said...

The list is on the Oscars site, but it requires some clicking back and forth http://www.oscars.org/80academyawards/nominees/index.html

Glenn Dunks said...

Amir, what do you mean Depp is the "sole nominee"? On one hand the film got other nominations, and on the other 4 of the 5 best picture nominees also only had sole acting nominations.

One thing I hadn't noticed was that Michael Clayton received an original score nomination! Outside of Tilda the music was my favourite part. Very dark and atmospheric, that music.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Aniston, new Academy member....1 year later, Angelina snubbed....just sayin'!

is Matt LeBlanc an AMPAS member now too?? what a freakin' joke. Team Brangelina!

Anonymous said...

AJ that's funny!

Sorry Glenn, didn't see Sweeney Todd's Art Direction nom on the list when I made that comment. I meant sole nominee, as in the film's only nomination (which it, of course, isn't). Anyway...

Anonymous said...

General Thoughts on the Races:

Picture: No Country for Old Men
Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, although I think his main competition is going to be Tommy Lee Jones. He was a surprise nominee, but probably has the best chance of making it a race. The performance is that good.
Actress: Ellen Page. Three foreigners in the race should tilt it towards the newcomer of the year. I am tempted to pick Linney because I don't think all four acting awards will go to foreigners.
Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem and no one else even close.
Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett will get rewarded for her two nominations.

All in all, I think Tommy Lee Jones has the best chance of any American in the acting categories although Day-Lewis will be tough to beat.

Anonymous said...

Linney got in over Jolie, not Blanchett!

Anonymous said...

Jason Reitman has to be one the youngest director nominees ever, right? He is only 30!

Glenn Dunks said...

Amir, it also got a costume nom.

Hmm, Linney is the only American nominated in her category. MARISA TOMEI!!!

Anonymous said...

Laura Linney is American..

Anonymous said...

"Jason Reitman has to be one the youngest director nominees ever, right? He is only 30!"

not to mention one of the worst Director nominees ever!


in a really sick way i'm starting to think that the makeup branch is TRYING to sully the AMPAS reputation. It's like they know it's a popularity contest and a joke so every year they nominate some movie that's sure to also be up for RAZZIES.


and over sweeney todd and diving bell?

NORBIT. yeah, latex fatsuits. never seen that before. let's give it the oscar!

Glenn Dunks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glenn Dunks said...

and on only his second film, too, for that matter.

The make-up branch is just ridiculous. Beyond a joke.

Barry said...

His father is Ivan Reitman, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

So is this a two-way race for Best Picture now- No Country vs. Blood? They were the only two Best Pic noms to get nominated for editing as well.

Unknown said...


Please tell everyone WHERE you saw "The Substitute"!!!!!


(That would be at the Indianapolis International Film Festival)

Glenn Dunks said...

Barry, brain fart. I knew his father was Ivan but for some reason my brain went to Reiner. Similar name, I guess. Still, it applies to him. How awkward is the next family gathering of the Reitman's gonna be?

E Dot said...

Needless to say, I'm oh so happy for Juno!!! Totally exceeded my expectations. I'm actually happy for Reitman.

And I gotta say, No Country isn't as safe as we all think. There Will Be Blood is now officially a dark horse contender.

Anonymous said...

Jolie snubbed, after all the praise she got..

Are Academy members jealous or tired of her ? Homophobic ? (after all she's the only openly non-heterosexal actor who was sure to get in)

jahs34 said...

I think the youngest nominee ever for directing is John Singleton.
OH how the mighty has fallen.

David Fincher will get rewarded this year for Benjamin Buttons.

J.D. said...

Even though it's completely weird, so am I. Reitman's not my first choice, but I was surprised by his direction, I know that. So congrats.

The only downside is that I can't say "Academy Award-nominee Joe Wright." :(

J.D. said...

How the hell is that homophobia?!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a bad nomination at all. I'm very happy for him and for Juno.

Go Canada! Reitman, Polley and Page and anyone else I'm forgetting!

Anonymous said...

"Are Academy members jealous or tired of her ? Homophobic ? (after all she's the only openly non-heterosexal actor who was sure to get in)"

You're joking, right?

On a different note, I forgot to add how glad I am that Diving Bell & the Butterfly got in for editing.

Anonymous said...

Nat, you used an unupdated MCN critics chart. The newest one is found here: http://moviecitynews.com/awards/2008/top_ten/00index.html

Glenn Dunks said...

BTW, the "OMG[insert actor]is[real life identity]" crowd only has a miniscule three options this year. And two of them are Cate Blanchett! :P

Strangely, Affleck is the only male nominee who plays a real life identity, but it's hardly in the Walk the Line vein, is it?

And what was up with Sid Ganis' pronunciation of "Marion Cotillard". Is that the right way cause it sounded tres off.

Joe Reid said...

No, the homophobia was in not nominating James McAvoy (*fingerscrossed*).

Glenn Dunks said...

Canada is to this year's Oscars what the UK was to last year's. Or something to that effect.

Anonymous said...


Because they only nominate "good" girls who have a quiet life outside the movies. Angelina is not a "good" girl". She talked a lot about her attraction to women, she talked a lot about cutting herself with knives, she talked about experiencing all kinds of drugs... then she adopted babies around the world and began dating Brad Pitt = bad girl gone good but still not good enough because her private life has been far TOO exposed, hence the snub THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.
I mean, Blanchett's Elizabeth 2 : Attack of the Camp over the subtle work of Jolie in AMH ? GIVE ME A BREAK

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, TWBB is 2nd on movie city news scoreboard not 13?

J.D. said...

I think it's actually pronounced "Co-tie-ard" or somewhere near it, and he just stumbled on that.

Also: He mispronounced "Saoirse"!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!


thanks. that's not where there links were leading.

Boyd said...

No Lust for Lust, Caution or for Zodiac?

Mortensen! Yay!
Atonement! Yay!

Three nods for Transformers? Eh?!


corrected movie city news had a link to an old page -fixed the rankings on my site

Glenn Dunks said...

Outside of the documentary category the only "Iraq" themed movie to be nominated was In the Valley of Elah, which was directed by... *drumroll please*... PAUL HAGGIS!

At least they didn't give him his eightiest screenplay nomination in a row.

Glenn Dunks said...

And, it's official, Roger Ebert is the Academy demigod. His #1 of 2007 was Juno.

J.D. said...


They gave her an Oscar at the height of her public insanity, didn't they?

I'm still so very confused by your logic.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive me, but I AM GOING TO RANT. Bold just means start-of-new-point so I don't go insane trying to keep track of everything I wanna say. If it annoys anyone, forgive me! Thanks!

The Jonny Greenwood business is just one of those moves the Academy seems like to make to double-certify that they're still run by a change-fearing old guard no matter how daring some of their choices appear. "Hey, however much stock people put in us, we're still a bunch of assholes, so you're more than welcome to continue to hate us! Just so you know!"

Three of the original screenplay nominees are ladies. Isn't that cool? Lady scripters don't often get much attention. From what I've read about Diablo Cody, she sounds impossibly noxious, but I expect her to win no problem.

Anyone think Mathieu Amalric has Oscar in his future? He was always an extreme longshot for this nod, but if he does more English-language work... anybody? God, what an actor. Yay Kings and Queen!

PSH's performance is very good, but in that company it sticks out like a sore thumb. I was hoping for a snub in favour of Paul Dano or (I had been praying) von Sydow. As long as I focus on the merits of the performance and not the unfortunate implications of the nom (viz. that he'll be a boring perennial) The film itself is underrated, not that I wanted it to earn any nominations or anything, but the drubbing it's recieved in some circles I feel is unmerited. Theo Panayides' positive review is 100% on the money in my opinion.

I'm sure Angelina was good in A Mighty Heart, but I won't lose sleep over her missing the nom. And I'm sure she won't either, she's got a good head on her shoulders. She's a good actress, but she's not 'fun to love' if you know what I mean, so I wouldn't be ecstatic for her nomination reception the way I am for Linney, who alongside Patricia Clarkson is, I think, the greatest American actress working regularly at the moment.

Much as I love Blanchett, I don't doubt that she doesn't deserve to double-dip. But I'm much too fond of her as an actress that I'll mind much if she ends up a default nominee for the next five years or so. She's a marvelous actress, and more importantly an exciting one, not a stolid one. I can't bring myself to be mad that something I've hoped to happen for years may now be happening, even if it'll be a little bit boring.

I'm really rather surprised at the complete lack of support for Into The Wild. I've not seen it but I like Emile Hirsch and I think I'd rather him than yet another Johnny Depp nod. Depp is king, don't get me wrong, but after he beat out Paul Giamatti, Liam Neeson and I forget who else for the nod in twenty o'four, I reckoned, "Fuck, they've finally recognized his genius but it'll be at the expense of more interesting performances every year!" I'm worried what's happened to Blanchett, which Nathaniel has a right to be mad about even if I'm not, will happen to Depp.

To be perfectly honest, I still kind of wish The Diving Bell and the Butterfly had been made with him as its star. Why? Because he'd be a certain nominee then, and he'd likely have pulled Max von Sydow, who's one of my favourite actors in screen history no matter how many bad action movies he shows up in, along with him. I revere Max Von, and it would have made me soaringly happy to see him get a nomination, twenty years after his first and only, in the year of dearest Bergman's passing.

Tommy Lee Jones in Best Actor is shrewd of them. I bet the actors (who you all knew had to have gone to see Elah after going wild for Crash, right? Of course they did! They might not have liked it, but no one seriously imagined they didn't see it, right?) cornered the No Countryites and made a pact with them thus, same as I reckon the Traffic voters did to get Soderbergh the sudden landslide in 2000 over Ang Lee.

Seeing Jason Reitman's name is a little jarring. I kind of expect I'm going to hate that film,despite how fond I am of Page and Cera. I think Juno is doubtless the frontrunner to win this year, even if someone else wins the Direction ("Directing"? No! Direction!) prize. I bet the same people who voted for this are all exactly the same people (all of them) who voted for Little Miss Sunshine, and they were annoyed at the Dayton/Faris snub last year so this year they were all like, "REVENGE!" Yes.

The music people at the Academy are really fucking boring, but they didn't embarrass themselves with any of their choices, at least not once the Greenwood disqualification was established. Fine composers. Still waiting for Carter Burwell, Clint Mansell, and a few others to score nominations, but they've done a lot worse in the very recent past. So glad John Williams isn't there for anything!

I expected a near-shotout for There Will Be Blood. THRILLED to be wrong.

Anyone ever seen Tony Gilroy's first film, the quiet character drama Spring Forward? It's good stuff.

Two Roger Deakins nominations! Both deserved! AND Robert Elswit! Has he been nominated before? How long do I need to wait for Christopher Doyle and Harris Savides to get nominations? Oh well, this will do for now.

I've never met Sarah Polley, but as a writer, as an actor, and as the person she presents herself to be, I love her so dearly I can barely stand it.

Aside from the Serbian film, the foreign films that made it seemed to me to be the most interesting out of the nine, although I kind of wish the Kazakh thingy by Sergei Bodrov (Prisoner of the Mountains dude! Is he back from falloff?) was a Mongolian submission instead because I want Mongolians to be happy. The Brazilian film sounded awful (no offense) and the Italian one was Tornatore, who I sort of loathe even though I admit I loved The Legend of 1900. So it could have been a lot worse. Next time, Romania!

Viggo Mortensen nabs the nom. Fuckin' A! He's such a marvelous actor. I expected he'd be the new Johnny Depp (i.e. outlaw star) now that Johnny Depp isn't Johnny Depp in Oscar's eyes anymore. But no, he's a nominee! Who wants to bet he doesn't show up at the Oscars? Or does and decries Bush when spoken to at the pre-show? Wouldn't that be righteous?

The Simpsons Movie is a lot less upsetting a snub than Waking Life in twenty-o-one, so I can live with it. The actual show jumped the shark some time ago in my opinion. Much as I revere its legacy. Me, I wanted Aqua Teen Hunger Force in there. Dada! Dada! Dada!

I am ECSTATIC at Tilda Swinton's Oscar nomination. I know it showed up on every shortlist but I was always like "That's Tilda fucking Swinton" and I just danced for happiness every time I saw her name. If you count the writing nominations for Julie Delpy in 2004 and my beloved Sarah Polley now, his means that almost every actress I love the most (top tier of love) who is Caucasian and Anglophone has recieved at least one Oscar nomination. The only ones still left are less likely because of their colour (nonwhite) or the language they usually work in (non-English), or in some cases they don't have the right role yet. The Academy still discriminates against nonwhites and non-Anglos enough that I suspect I can't reasonably expect noms for, say, Gong Li, Isabelle Huppert or Kerry Washington any time soon, even if they land the right roles. There are only a few white Anglophone lady actors currently working often enough that I really need to see get a nom sometime soon or I'll explode, the most important being the eternally undervalued Robin Wright. The list of white Anglo males is a lot longer, and when you add in nonwhites and non-Anglos, longer still. But I'm not going to be deterred! We're getting somewhere!

Speaking of Robin Wright, I haven't seen Into The Wild, but a director's nom for Sean Penn woulda made me happy because The Pledge is so completely fantastic.

RUBY DEE GOT IN HOLY SHIT I AM SO HAPPY SHE IS SO AWESOME. I miss Ossie Davis sooooooo much. You don't even know.

Matter of fact, the whole supporting actress field is classy as hell. My darling Kelly Macdonald will need to wait. None of these five deserved outright rejection in her favour, so I'm not too crushed that her beautiful face won't be beaming from the red carpet this year. It'll happen soon enough. I hope.

You guys, I just realized. I have no idea about this question. Bar Angela Bassett, who's the best current Black actress? Ruby Dee doesn't work often enough to count. Is it Kerry Washington? Regina King? S. Epatha Merkerson? Viola Davis? I feel like a disproportionate number of the greatest American character actors in the present day are Black men (Delroy Lindo, Charles S. Dutton, Robert Wisdom, Ving Rhames, Harry Lennix, and so forth), but who are their lady matches? There's no Black female actress I feel as strongly about as Delroy Lindo. I think Lindo is an underheralded genius. Anyone else have an opinion? Which Black actresses are the greatest working?

My single biggest disappointment is the absence of the song from Walk Hard. It was a lunatic joy that had three country stalwarts on the same track with my favourite music performer in the world, rapper Ghostface Killah. I can't say enough about Ghost, and the idea of him performing at the Oscars is an unimaginable delight that would make me so happy I'd be grinning like a drunken duck for months.

Anonymous said...

I think the day she won started the peak of Batshit Crazy Time, actually...brother? Hello?

Anonymous said...


I know, I was trying to find the dumbest excuse to justify her snub. Of course you're right
it's easier for me to get over the Blanchett nom that way lol

Grand Poobah Ayatollah Love Free I said...

One more thing.

If they forget to include Edward Yang and Ousmane Sembene in the "Here's who passed on this year, we loved them" in-memoriam montage, I AM GOING TO BLOW A FUCKING GASKET. I actually sent them a letter reminding them that these two GIANTS OF WORLD CINEMA, plus Ulrich Muhe from The Lives of Others, had passed on, and requesting that they make sure not to forget them in the montage. They better do something sweeping to remember Antonioni and Bergman, too, or there'll be Hell to pay.

Glenn Dunks said...

Somebody at Dave Poland's blog likened the Blanchett Elizabeth nom to when Airport and Towering Inferno received best picture and acting nominations. That made me giggle.

Anonymous said...

That's it,
Blanchett is officially Meryl Streep. She can get nominated by going to the loo and having diarrhea, as long as she does it with a Polish accent she's in

Anonymous said...

Rock on Cate Blanchett with those double nods!!!

"Into the Wild" was basically shat on. Damn. Not even Sean Penn in director? Tony Gilroy and Jason Reitman have no business being in best director over Joe Wright and Sean Penn. Boooooo.

No Angelina Jolie? Keira Knightley? Tommy Lee Jones for "Elah"? The bias against the young guys in lead actor remains this year (snubs for Emile Hirsch, James McAvoy, and Ryan Gosling).

Go Marion Cotillard!!!

"The Simpsons Movie" being snubbed for "Surf's Up" is bullshit. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

RUBY DEE? Wow, didn't see that one coming, though I should have with the SAG nod. Happy for her first nomination. Hal Holbrook too.

Glenn Dunks said...

Does this mean the Globes and BAFTA are gonna be looked at with a microscope next year? THey both snubbed Into the Wild ala the Academy and both lavished love on Atonement ala the Academy.

So watch next year's race be determined by the guilds and we'll all go in this merry little circle over and over and over again.

Now, I am off to bed. g'night (and g'morning).

J.D. said...

Hey, I didn't know that Tilda Swinton was nominated for Tilda Swinton!

Ya learn somethin' every day...

Anonymous said...

Nate -- you have Penn listed as a nominee on your official list page. Should be Schnabel.


fixed and fixed

Lucas Dantas said...

i was so surprised at linney's nod, despite nathan's love; but i was expecting someone less indie and still i had high hopes for keira [dreamer dreamer].

i'm beyond happy for falling slowly's nod and the enchanted songs as well. i hope falling slowly wins it though.

Lucas Dantas said...

and i'm beyond happy bitch angelina is not there

Anonymous said...

Can't be happier about Laura Linney and I'm glad Jolie missed for her one-note performance.

For me the head-scratcher is Ruby Dee. What in this performance was award worthy? It wasn't bad but it required nothing special and certainly was not the thing that stood out in that film. Just a wasted nomination.

Lucas Dantas said...

well, prolly doesnt interest anyone, but here are my main thoughts during the announcement and some new after-lunch others.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm happy that Ben Lyons is upset.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

i think the noms are great bar juno up for pic/dir,ruby dee over macdonald or redgrave and blanchett over adams and knightley did not care for jolie and felt her big scream was hammy & maybe hoffman for the least impressive of the 3 eprfs,v v suprprised at tommy lee i nactor showing up nowhere but he was pegged early and everyone forgot how great he was in the film better than hirsch,gosling even mcavoy who i would have had replace the so so overrated viggo perf.

SusanP said...

I'm still mulling it all over, but watching the nominations this morning I cheered twice, for Viggo and Atonement.

Anonymous said...

Except for the Into The Wild fanboys, i'd say a good day was had by all.


Anonymous said...

I'm still freakin' about Juno getting a nom over Diving Bell...I hate that frickin' movie....I know that I'm the only one.

There was no way that Jolie was getting a nom for impersonating a woman of color when there were no real women or men of color to nom in the lead categories. Just saying.

I am happy for Linney because she deserves it, and I felt like it would happen because people in Hollywood and New York love her. She is the definition of a real actress.

Page...not my taste and I hope she gets less annoying as she matures.

Anonymous said...

Well for people who don't see the some of the things that Nate & Zee were talking about in the Bafta Nominations thread,, Head on over the The Envelope forums reactions thread a perfect example people all upset over Ruby Dee's nomination.

Anonymous said...

Oh and still diggs at Jennifer Hudson , I guess people will never get over Halle. Jennifer , Jamie & Denzel winning.


Pablete said...

Why some of greatest British directors are constantly snubbed, even when thier films are some of the best of thier relative years?

"The Red Shoes" was not nominated for best direction. It was a very European movie made in England like "Atonement". Powell and Pressburger were missing in the Best Director list, as the magnificent Joe Wright has been today.

Ang Lee was snubbed for "Sense and Sensibility", as was Marc Foster for "Finding Neverland".

Does not sound it very intriguing?

European "auteurs" or very respected American filmakers (Schnabel) who like to film non-English-speaking movies do get recognition as Best Dircetors at the Oscars, but thier movies are ussually snubbed.

Sad, Sad, Sad...Very sad.

"Atonement" and "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" are some of the most artistic and best movies of 2007, but they will not be able to win the final prize.

Amy Adams, the most beloved female performer of 2007, has not gotten the nomination that so many people were still hoping for.

James McAvoy, Keira Knightley, Vanessa Redgrave, Romola Garai were all absent. I love "Atonement", and 7 nominations are not enough for a masterpiece.

"Michael Clayton", with 7 nominations, seems very, very, very undeserving of so much applause.

Cate Blanchett as a double nominee seems too much for me in a very of so many delightful performances that if would be a crime not to cite them all.

"Juno" and "Michael Clayton" directors' slots should have been occupied by Joe Wright and Tim Burton. No doubt about it!

There were some nice surprises. In the end, they end up nominating three movies with a leading male, one movie with a leading female and one movie with a magical couple and the biggest diversity of characters, and the ones that show the most different emotions.

Time will go by, and our future generations will truly understand the movies of our times. That is the "Circle of Life" of cinema.

Anonymous said...

Angelina Jolie was the best she's ever been in "A Mighty Heart", and she should have been nominated for the performance.

I'm still fuming over both Eddie Vedder being snubbed/ineligible for "Guaranteed" in original song and Jonny Greenwood ineligible for the "There Will Be Blood" score. I mean, damn, there's plenty of room for those three dumb "Enchanted" song, but not even for ONE of Vedder's songs? Did voters just hate "Into the Wild" THAT MUCH? I can't believe that, since they seemed to have a perpetual hard-on for Sean Penn. Oh well.


yeah, weird that INTO THE WILD tanked so hard.

and the songs noms i don't get it at all

but then i never get that branch

Anonymous said...

Into the Wild had NO precursors.

Could someone explain why people thought it would be nominated for best picture?

Marcelo - Brazil.


didn't it have a GLobe nomination for director and a SAG nomination for ensemble and a WGA nomination?

Anonymous said...

so nathaniel viggo got a nod for fighting naked and giving us a rubbish russian accent and having no real character to speak of!!!! to me he was like the henchman in james bond pushed to the front and becoming less interesting as the film wore on!!!!


to me viggo sounded great. and he did to my russian speaking friend (who usually hates actors trying to do russian accents) but what do we know ;)

do you speak russian?

Anonymous said...

Into the Wild was nominated for score and song at the Globes. It was not included with the other 7 films. The film did not win ONE award for picture with the critics.

Was the campaign strong? Because this is the only explanation why people thought it would get into Best Picture. Or was the love by SAG?

Marcelo - Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. R.,

since you have a friend who can talk about accent...

Ask him how effective was Michelle Pfeiffer's accent in The Russia House. Please.

Marcelo - Brazil.

Anonymous said...

"Into the Wild" also was nominated for seven Critics Choice Awards and was recognized by the WGA and DGA in nods for Sean Penn. That's why a lot of people kept hope that the film would make a strong showing at the Oscars.

DL said...

For the most part, these nominations are making me overjoyed (even though my predictions tanked.) SARAH POLLEY! JUNO! MICHAEL CLAYTON! AMERICAN GANGSTER/INTO THE WILD SNUBS ABOUND!

Of course, I'm very disappointed to see Angelina Jolie and Amy Adams snubbed in favour of stupid Cate Blanchett, but like you said, you win some, you lose some.

(Oh, and if you're speaking Marion's name in French you'd pronounce it "Coe-tee-arr". An Anglocized version, like "Coe-tee-yard" would suffice though.)

lylee said...

Woohoo, 5 for 5 on my Best Pic predix! Should've blogged them, but was too lazy this weekend...

In all other categories, I was off by 1-2. My "wtf's?" are the same as everyone else's.

Have to say I'm a little surprised so many people were skeptical about "TWBB" and "Juno." They both had ENORMOUS momentum building in late Dec. "NCOM" and "Michael Clayton" were always solids...The only one I vacillated on was "Atonement," but I stuck with it mainly because I couldn't see anything else replacing it. Its closest rivals felt as anemic in the momentum department as it did. Except maybe "Diving Bell," and that...well, it's a foreign film, and foreign films, sad to say, are always at a disadvantage.

Very glad "Atonement" stayed in, anyhow. It's a strong year generally, despite some notable omissions and aforementioned "wtf?"s.

But I'm saddened by the total lack of love for "Hairspray."

lylee said...

Minor corrections to last post: I was off by 1-2 in the "big eight," not ALL categories. That glory belongs to others.

And I guess "Diving Bell" isn't a foreign film according to the Academy's standards, but y'know what I meant.

Best Picture looks wide, wide open. I hope "Juno" doesn't pull an upset. Good movie, but very much outclassed by the other nominees. Of course, after "Crash" I believe the Academy capable of anything now.

Yay for la Linney and Viggo!

And PHOOEY for no Joe Wright!

Anonymous said...

why couldn't "the diving bell and the butterfly" make it into best picture instead of f'ing "michael clayton"? was that too much to ask academy???

Chugga said...


Chugga said...

You're all crazy!
All nominations should go to Juno! Those songs were original at some point, the opening is animated and all that teenage slang must make it eligible for foreign language!
That's only an example list, but i can slot it into any other necessary category. It's campaigning time!


Tim, you funny.

foreign film. i love it.

why not? considering how they'll dump the critical landmarks in that category

Unknown said...

You know when franchise films (The Lord of the Rings) have a lot of cast members usually very few do get a lot of work. Orlando Bloom is not very good so he doesn't count. Ian McKellen is one exception. However Viggo Mortensen is the only ex-Lord of the rings actor to do well. First was his great performance in, A History of Violence and now his Oscar nominated turn in, Eastern Promises. Also a method actor like Daniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman, Edward Norton and Russell Crowe. Also much kudos for Tommy Lee Jones. I counted him out too but he had one of the best performances of the year. His sullen performance was very moving.

Anonymous said...

All in all, I got 68/113 (60%) noms correct, which I'm fine with considering that 1) it was my first time predicting and 2) I had put some seriously outrageous choices there (although in some of them I truly believed).

I am most proud for identifying the exact number and categories Ratatouille would be rewarded in, and the Jolie snub (which I hadn't considered a sursprise until I saw people's reactions to it yesterday). Non-obvious things I was almost ;) right about were the cold shoulder for Into the Wild (two nominations, but I was predicting Music and Song) and a single Across the Universe sighting (but I was predicting Art Direction).

Unknown said...

Like Nathaniel I too am a huge fan of Cate Blanchett. However she has had many roles that were just okay. However I always respected for her diversity of roles and her professionalism. I'm gonna give a scale of 1 to 10.

Elizabeth - 9
The Gift - 4
LOTR: TFotR: cameo, too small to rate
The Shipping News - 3
Veronica Guerin - 8, Amazing!
The Missing - 4
The Life Aquatic - 4
The Aviator - 8
Babel - 6
Notes on a Scandal - 6, not sure if it deserved a nomination but she was really good but Judi Dench had the better role
Elizabeth: The Golden Age - 8, a very good performance despite the movie was critically panned
I'm Not There - 10, her best role to date! Riveting! Saw Gone Baby Gone don't see what all the fuss is about for Amy Ryan. The Oscar should be hers!
A actor's performance should not have anything to do with a film being good. A actor's ability is what I look for.

Unknown said...

Just give Cate B her best actress oscar this year and we are done with her...