Monday, January 14, 2008

Partisan Awards Groupies

Two diametrically opposed reads on last night's "event"

Over at Gold Derby, frequent Globe cheerleader Tom O'Neil is advancing the notion that the big winner of last night's "event" was the Hollywood Foreign Press Association itself (i.e. the Globe masterminds / voters). He says, and I quote

Five networks went live with a one-hour telecast, some with more... Finally, we kudos nuts got an awards show all about — wow — the awards. Imagine that.
The idea here is that the huge amount of press coverage and network interest focused on the winners because they couldn't focus on the red carpet. But this is strange logic. I get it, I do. But would anyone care at all if there weren't decades of glamorous A list red carpet memories propelling interest in the choices? Another year or two like this and the Globes would lose all their media appeal.

I personally don't want that to ever happen. But it's obvious who would dance the hardest at the HFPA grave. Over at The Hot Blog frequent Globe attack dog David Poland paints the picture of a veritable ghost town (where O'Neil saw mass interest), and adds a sneaky dig towards the end
Tonight, we experienced about the right amount of attention for HFPA’s awards.
This exercize in contrast & compare is brought to you as a way of a friendly reminder that everyone has their agendas. Including me. To all the anonymous gripers from the comments: JULIE CHRISTIE FOR THE OSCAR! ;) I'm not even trying to hide it.

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RJ said...

Yeah . . . I don't know who could possibly say last night was a success. It was a disaster.

But at least Tina Fey, Julian Schnabel, and Julie Christie won.