Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Screen Linkers Guild

<--- Julie Christie is a goddess
Lazy Eye Theater knows it, too
Defamer points to a hilarous longing glance within the A list acting ranks at the SAG awards
Scanners loves the truth in Javier Bardem's acceptance speech. So do I
Just Jared Dennis Quaid joining the cast of the GI Joe Movie
Queerty Cristal Gina Gershon talkin' bout her new CD
Fabulon "amen" -this blog always makes me giggle
Buzz Sugar all the Best Pic nominees for $30 bucks. You know, this would be a really really awesome thing to liveblog but... I fear one would be stoned to death if people had to listen to laptop keyboard clacking away for 12 hours straight in the theater

Empire Julianne, no! Back away from the mainstream genre movies. No Moore
StinkyLulu begins his reviews of each 2007 Supporting Actress Nominee. First up: Saoirse "bad seed" Ronan
popwatch Crash will be a TV series -- I guess it kinda belonged there all along
Hollywood Elsewhere this is a week old but what's Jeffrey Wells' deal with Amy Adams exactly?
popbytes joins the chorus of bloggers declaring Angelina Jolie totally pregnant. Speaking of which...

I'm including this last photo from SAG simply because I love it. Brangelina: Even unstoppably gorgeous from behind.


Anonymous said...


I can’t believe I’m asking you this (I’m usually not a fan of red carpet stuff)… but I’m just really curious for some reason;

Did you like Jolie’s dress?
And is it just me or did Christie look amazing?

...I can't belive I just wrote this :)


I love Jolie's dress --i know it's divisive but i think brown (for glamourwear) is hard to pull off in general but when people do pull it off -yowza

maybe i just love Angie

and Christie did look amazing though i am kinda partial to the Away From Her windswept blonde do.

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, Mårlind & Stein's previous feature (Storm) was pretty unwatchable, so Julianne Moore may have another stinker coming up.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Channing Tatum is playing G.I. Joe himself, Duke.

Thombeau said...

Ooh, thanks for sending so many fabulous people our way!

And yes, Julie Christie IS a goddess.

Slayton said...

You missed out on my Supporting Actor & Supporting Actress 2008 guides on my blog! Shame, shame on you!


silly ---i can't read all 481,573,224 blogs out there if you see something great at a blog you think i should link to OR if you are especially proud of something on your blog you can always use the TIPS feature (email) on the sidebar.


Daniel said...

Ugh, Angelina Jolie's arms are so skinny...how can she have kids like that?

El Gigante said...

Ooooo Jeffrey Wells, you just made the list and I don't mean the good kind that feature old actors who constantly recycle their own schtick going on life-affirming wacky adventures, I mean the bad list. No one disses Ms. Adams.

Anonymous said...

i would not have known that was julie christie if i saw that picture uncaptioned. when i saw the sag awards & her pic came up - i thought that's not her, it looks nothing like her. i guess it's the darker hair. she looks incredible...not all botox'd / lifted / plump-lipped. it seems like a great many really quality actresses - redgrave, spacek, ellen burstyn, julie christie, Helen Mirren, etc....don't butcher up their faces.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, I know what you mean about brown. When it's worn well in this context, it's really eye-popping - classic yet quite indie too.

Love Angelina's dress here. And was it Amy Adams or Catherine Keener (or both) who did it briliantly at the Oscars the year they were both nominated in supporting? I just remember thinking they both looked so chic yet also so indie... which I love as a combination.

Anonymous said...

Brangelina! Love it. So is Angie preggers or not? I loved her SAG dress BTW.

Emma said...

I love how bitchy Julie Christie is. She rocks.

Anonymous said...

Aren't their any decent films out there that Julianne can make some decent money off? Or does she just have questioable taste?