Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Better Get to Linking

It's no secret... I'm not much of a "new years" guy. I don't like the pressure. In most years the first few days of January make me panicky, as in 'ohmygodwhat canyoudo tomakethisyeargreat? whyarent youexercizingthis morning? youpromised tochange yourways do something----ohgod nathaniel get it together! dosomethingimportant timeiswasting! itsday2already and... whathaveyoudone? gah. Nothing' so while I attempt to work around this specific self sabotage quirk, enjoy these links...

Acidemic fascinating piece on the year of Apocalyptic Texas Cinema
In Contention Gerard Kennedy dissects the year's best film scores
Sunset Gun's top ten list
IMDB Tilda Swinton gets her polyamorous freak on
Radio Allegro has a new podcast up and it's all movies. I didn't guest this time but I'll be an enthusiastic listener
The Reeler liveblogs 699 minutes with the king of meandering greatness Paul Thomas Anderson. A worthy but surely destabilizing adventure

European Films Boyd has his top ten 2007 list up. You'll recognize some of the titles even if the movies themselves prove elusive in theaters
Joe's Movie Corner the "endings" blog-a-thon. Finis
The Rec Show, which professes a mysterious dislike of year in reviews, gives a shout out to Cyndi Lauper for a live music highlight from last year. Everybody I ever have known who's had the pleasure to see her live knows she's wondrous. It continues to be one of the top ten mysteries of my entertainment watching life that she's never had a mainstream comeback.


Gustavo Cruz said...

Will you post your top ten list today?


this i doubt. but this weekend at the latest

Anonymous said...

I love Kim Morgan - her writing, that is. Her tastes are 180 degrees away from mine, she obsesses over things I don't care about in the least, but her writing always makes me interested in - and curious about -films and subjects I would otherwise have no interest in at all. that to me is the very definition of good (no, great) cinema criticism/writing/scholarship.

I noticed Kim has included Margot at the Wedding amoung her top ten of the year - as have others on the blogosphere. Funny how when it was coming out it was being branded "a failure" but it's making it's way into top ten lists of some discerning Critics (as opposed to the professional shlubs who get paid for the job but have lost the love of it).

Oh, and thanks for the link to the Cyndi Lauper video. Who would've imagined, back in the day, that both the song and the singer would prove to be so enduring?


Gustavo Cruz said...

Did you like There Will Be Blood? It's been a long time since you saw it and we still don't know if it's and A, A-, B+... :)


i figure i'd just save all the final thoughts for the year in review stuff which is happening as soon as I can manage.

J.D. said...

As Bender Rodriguez once said: "Whoever is directing this is a master of suspense!"

Anonymous said...

youvegotsomesharksoutthere....hurryup....whereisyourtopten....whenwillyouupdatetheawards...whatdidyouthinkoftherewillbeblood. comeongetyouracttogetherandhappynewyearloveyoumeanit.

Anonymous said...

Love that Tilda bit. It definitely seems like something she'd do and make work. Very Vanessa Bell of her.

poppedculture said...

Who needs resolutions when you do what you do so well already?