Thursday, January 10, 2008


My New Plaid Pants finally caved for a "best of 07" feature
Sunset Gun looks at truth & illusion in off kilter biopics
Gallery of the Absurd Remember when I did that "exquisite corpse" game here with movie stills? 14 is doing it with other artists. Fun
Critic Watch on the "top" blurb whores of 2007
Reverse Shot, always bitchy, puts that tendency to proper use for its '11 Offenses of 2007'
Thompson on Hollywood 10 Directors to Watch ~ Sundance Party
Low Resolution There Will Be Blood is ruining Joe's awards season!
Out in Hollywood Another John Barrowman Torchwood kiss. This time with Spike (James Marsters) from Buffy. I started watching this show a little while back. Any fans in here?

The NeverEnding Strike
LA Times a writer who is done with the strike. (Is it just me or does it seem like the writers are beginning to bleed public support now that this has gone on so long, disrupting entire Hollywood benefiting things like The Globes as well as the many peripheral industries?)
Hollywood Elsewhere has a particular nasty quote. Will this strike ever end? Will everyone in Hollywood loathe each other before long?
Variety This title chills me "Globes Eclipse Shadows Oscar" much as I hate the Oscars sometimes I also can't really live without them. I'm getting worried


Catherine said...

Okay, this is totally unrelated but I have a question. I want to see 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days this weekend but I also want to hang out with my dad. I COULD cleverly combine the two and go see it with him, but I'd be reluctant if there was too much sex/nudity in it. I'm just wondering what kind of "adult" content is in the film? It wouldn't bother me normally, but y'know...awkward...



hmmm. i'm not much for the "adult content" warnings. it's very matter of fact and only for adults (harsh subject matter) but if i'm remembering correctly there is nudity but the only thing the camera doesn't look at is the actual sex.

highly discussable movie so depending on your relationship with your dad and how much you like to hash out art after seeing it,...

Catherine said...

Thanks. We're okay with harsh subject matters and have a good relationship, so I think we're going to see it tomorrow. Cheers

Anonymous said...

i'm getting slightly worried as well re: writer's strike & oscars. my hope is if this continues, they just delay the oscars until it's over....may, june....whatever. that way, we don't have to wait a whole year until '09 oscars.

Glenn Dunks said...

If the Writer's Strike causes the axing of the Academy Awards the WGA will pretty much lose any respect they have left. Respect that is diminishing day-by-day.

It's all well and good for the writer's to want a bigger piece of the pie (I write for a partial living so I'm totally down with that), but now they're apparently picketing the parties! Like, I'm sure if a writer won an award they would like to put their picketing signs down and go have a glass of champagne, ya know.

Cengiz said...

Hye there Nathaniel...I'm probably a little too late but I do watch Torchwood. I LOVE John Barrowman. And I enjoyed him on his Doctor Who stint (both in season 1 and 3).