Friday, January 04, 2008

Oh Lord I Am Sick of Hopping Between Two Computers Apple Leopard Pie

...hold the Leopard.

That's the first and last reference /homage to Waitress's twee comic motif you'll find on this blog. But seriously... this is no time (film bitch time) for me to be having such problems with my brand spanking new computer --for whatever reason, it won't upload my film experience dreamweaver files to the internet. I have to go back to my old computer to do it. so I'm totally confused as to what I'm doing at any given moment and unplugging and replugging back up systems and whatnot. I know Apple people --I've been one for 10 years-- are supposed to love all things Apple without question. But hold the kool-aid, too. I'm not so sure about this Leopard system.


Jason Adams said...

A friend of mine who has Leopard was showing it to me on his laptop with this big whoopie-dee-doo frantic excitement "Innit it so awesomelytastic incredible???" in his voice and I have to say, I was unimpressed. I'm supposed to shell out whatever the hell they're asking for it for virtual post-it notes? That's okay, Mr. Jobs, really.

BadTux said...

Make sure you have the latest updates. They have made Leopard significantly more stable compared to the initial release. Also, if the problem is the new multi-tabbed Safari web browser (vs. the old single-tabbed one), try FireFox and see what happens. I find that the new Safari isn't compatible with some web sites that the old one worked fine with :-(.

Ja, I too don't find significant difference in functionality between Leopard and Tiger, other than Time Machine, which is more a gimmick than anything else. Leopard is maybe a little faster at some OS stuff because it's compiled 64 bit for the Intel Macs now (all of which have had 64 bit capability but Tiger was a rather hasty port to Intel and didn't take advantage of it), but frankly it's not enough to be noticable. But compared to Windows... well, no comparison, actually. With the Mac, all my audio-visual equipment and software just effin' *works*. With Windows, it was always a fiddle, and sometimes the USB system would decide to go AWOL in the middle of a project and I'd need to reboot, and crap like that. When I have a great idea for a new song that's the last friggin' thing I need, I want to just plug in the USB into the computer, watch the lights light up on my USB sound studio, and start strummin' and hummin' and singin' and keyboardin' whatever I'm working on.


i wish i could say that everythign "effin works" for me but i can't say that it does.

it could be that i'm just not technologically smart but I always have issues. I'm having a LOT of ftp / dreamweaver drama right now. and the podcasting situation is just a bear. The podcast is ready. It sounds and looks great. But getting it actually onto the web is an enormous hassle.