Sunday, January 13, 2008

Josh Brolin's "Body"

There's arguably only one actor from the films of 2007 who could shout "WHAT A YEAR I HAD!" whilst standing in front of a huge fireworks display and perhaps a parade of circus animals with marching band and still come across as understating the moment. And that actor is Josh Brolin (American Gangster, In the Valley of Elah, Grindhouse and No Country For Old Men)

Diane Lane is proud of her man at the American Gangster premiere. Wouldn't you be?

So I won't even pretend that there's a race for the gold medal in the "Body of Work" category at this year's FiLM BiTCH Awards but you'll have to wait to hear who might win silver and gold. Here are the nominees ... it's a male heavy list this year (with one glorious exception) since that's where the cinema went. [UPDATE: due to too many pages of lists, I've made a miscalculation here and I've swapped out a nominee. So if you read this earlier it's different now -5:15 PM]

For whiny readers screaming "I thought this would be a beefcake laden post! Where's my beefcake?!?" Here ya go. It's the best that could be mustered

That's about as beefcake as it gets with Mr. Brolin. He's the rugged man's man type. He even takes interviewers out on his motorcycle. He doesn't really do that kind of photoshoot, damn him.


DL said...

Awh, I guess this means that Jimmy Marsden and Irfan Kahn won't be showing up in Supporting Actor then... What a shame.

But you're right. No actor of any level of fame had a year comparable to Josh Brolin's. My congrats go out to him!

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

I actually have three Pfeiffer Perfs that I saw to consider for 2007: Hairspary, Stardust and I Could Never Be Your Woman. =/

adam k. said...

I don't think there's much suspense in the other two medals either:

SILVER: Pfeiffer
BRONZE: Marsden


Too bad most of us couldn't include I Could Never Be Your Woman in Pfeiffer's body of work... could've been an even more impressive year.

adam k. said...

But I love that you've gone back to having nominees here, Nat. There's always more than one actor with a big year.

NicksFlickPicks said...

You forgot the Freedom Writers/Reaping/P.S. I Love You trifecta. But then again, you are biast.

Seriously—and I never thought I would say anything remotely construable as "positive" about Alpha Dog, the year's worst movie—but Ben Foster at least was trying to do something stylized and energetic while going so hugely over the top in his role. I didn't see 30 Days of Night, but his AD performance was certainly of a piece (though not as good) with what he does in Yuma, and he maybe deserves a three-way cite there.

Now I'm going to go look for my mislaid principles, and my sense of who I even am.

Joe Reid said...

"whilst standing in front of a huge fireworks display and perhaps a parade of circus animals with marching band"

Hmm, maybe don't let Josh near any animals after the year he's had.

Also, Nick, you know I now love you even more after giving a shout for Ben Foster's Alpha Dog performance. Bad movie, crazy over-the-top performance and thank God for that. If Sharon Stone's fat suit hadn't shown up right at the end there, I'd say he was best in show.


dl ---your wish is granted IRFAN KHAN has been bumped up. actually i made an accounting error (i'm so disorganized) and had somebody else on two lists, blocking his spot.

my apologies. please enjoy the list (Finalist Paul Schneider has been bumped up in place of Irfan. All these promotions! It's a happy day here at the film experience)

Anonymous said...

Kahn might be.


Nick -- i am sure you will find your principles again. but i didn't include ALPHA DOG not because i think it's the years worst movie but because i haven't seen it.

you successfully kept me away!

Arkaan -huh?

Anonymous said...

I was responding to dl's first post. We posted at the same time (in response). I saw the change in the line-up and dl's post, so I figured I'd let him know.

StinkyLulu said...

I dunno if I noticed this before:

Josh Brolin has a very big head.

Anonymous said...

Kurt Russell? Is that you?


"josh brolin has a very big head"

all the better to act with my precious

c.p. iñor said...

It's a shame you weren't able to see I COULD NEVER BE YOUR WOMAN, cuz La Pfeiffer would be a lock for the gold. I definitely give her the gold for body of work based on those 3 perfs.

Nick M. said...

Yes, I'm sure Diane Lane is very proud of Josh Brolin. Just don't ask her why she's always wearing a turtle-neck sweater.

She walked into a door, I swear.

PIPER said...

In that last photo, Brolin looks a little like Mickey Rourke from Sin City. He's got that cartoon jaw.