Monday, January 14, 2008

Link a Little

Bright Lights Remembering Maila Nurmi (1921-2008) aka "Vampira"
Low Resolution "Why America Doesn't Want America To Want To See Movies About The War" ~a must read from Joe Reid
Empire Ellen Page to star in Whip It (?) which happens to be Drew Barrymore's directorial debut. That's a lot of sassy girlpower there.
Everything Oscar's year in review and top 10 list
Elias, who you'll know from the comments, meets Diablo Cody his "heterosexual girlfriend"
FourFour has a fine thinkpiece up about Gay (capitals, mine) which touches on Dumbledore, Bravo's gay minstrelsy, marketing yourself as a gay writer and more...


Anonymous said...

PGA nods:

"The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"
"Michael Clayton"
"No Country for Old Men"
"There Will Be Blood"

Anonymous said...

Damn, Atonement's dead and now no Into the Wild either for PGA!...

Can't believe Juno of all films is going to make the final 5 in such a rich year. Although, against my better judgement, it is growing fonder in my memory as time passes. Like I don't totally begrudge Ellen Page or the film anymore for their reserved Oscar spots. Still, it's barely registering in my top 30.

It won't be able to score more than 3 nominations though, will it? That would be a very low tally for a Best Picture nominee even by these days' standards.