Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Podcast: Oscar 2008 Foreign Film Competition

Pick your jaw up off the floor.

Yes, yes, it's been [ahem] several months since the last podcast. But the new episode is now playing and hopefully it'll only be a few weeks until the follow up. We can dream.

In the 3rd installment I'm speaking with Boyd Van Hoeij of European Films about the current Oscar Best Foreign Film race. [The official 67 film-wide submission list has been announced. You can see the full list here]. But this installment of the podcast kicks off with an interview with one of cinema's future bright lights, director Joachim Trier who talks about the inspiration for his first feature Reprise (yes, I'm still plugging that one now that it's out on DVD. I love it), working with non-actors, writing as metaphor, Norway, and even a meeting with Jeanne Moreau. He's an articulate film buff as well as a fine new director.

Click here to listen to the enhanced podcast with the service of your choice or, if you don't have an enhanced player like iTunes or somesuch you can just listen to the plain ol' mp3.


Emma said...

Podcasts ftw! *downloads*

RJ said...

Still my favorite film of the year.

(and with all these films moving, it may just stay that way)

Catherine said...

Best. Sunday night. Surprise. Evah!

Thanks Nathaniel. You're a star!

(Next time, please please please include another one of those coffee klatschs with Nick etc. I love 'em.)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic podcast! A great host and two great guests. I think I fell a little in love with Joachim...