Saturday, July 29, 2006

Name That iTune Dozen

COMPLETED: After 10 hours...

The Brothers of the Head giveaway got me all melodic. It's music day! Let's play that game ModFab puzzled us with a few weeks back. Name the song and the artist for each of these tunes which came up (semi) randomly on my iPod.

First person to give the correct answer in the comments gets the credit. I'll strike it out and put your name up (with a link if you got one). If any lyric is slow to be solved, I'll add clues. Surprisingly, Madonna does not appear in this puzzle.

1. "so listen very carefully, get closer now and you will see what I mean..."
It says "I Just Fall in Love Again" by The Carpenters on the the tracklisting. But that title is never in the song. Other people say it's called "There's a Kind of Hush" which makes a lot more sense. Guessed by chadrocks and keith backs him up that that's the title. What up with my CD?
2. "thick legs in shape. rump shakin both ways. make you do a double take "
"Lose Control" by Missy Elliott. Guessed by ModFab
3. "You got yourself some action --said you got yourself a body. you got yourself an ass with a mind of it's own, bring something to the party"
"Freeek!" by George Michael. Guessed by Agustin
4. "you're beautiful, good to talk to. You make an impression. When you touch my skin, i smell disaster."
"The Walk" by eurythmics. Guessed by ModFab
5. "thought I couldn't breath without you, I'm inhalin'. You thought I couldn't see without you, perfect vision..."
"Survivor" by Destiny's Child. Guessed by Martha
6. "don't gimme no grapejuice cuz that don't got much sting. I need a concoction to make the tongue tied sing"
Guessed by Aaron
7. "through the hourglass I saw you, in time you slipped away..."
"Take My Breath Away" -Berlin guessed by Martha
8. "I bought some aspirin down at United Drug"
It's "All That Jazz" from Chicago as sung by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Guessed by Klemen
9. "have you ever seen a picture of jesus laughing? do you think he had a beautiful smile? "
"Why Should I Love You" by Kate Bush featuring Prince. Guessed by Glenn
10. "listen to the girl as she takes on half the world. moving up and so alive in her honey dripping beehive"
"Just Like Honey" by Jesus and Mary Chain. Guessed by ModFab
11. "ink on a pin. underneath the skin. an empty space to fill in. well, there're so many sinking now... you've got to keep thinking you can make it thru these waves."
"Blue" by Joni Mitchell. Guessed by Kyle (did Sarah Maclachlan remake that? In that case Ziyadanswered this too.)
12. "I am likely to miss the main event. if I stop to cry and complain again"
"Better Version of Me" by Fiona Apple. Guessed by chadrocks


Anonymous said...

8 is all that jazz,catherine zeta-jones


Anonymous said...

7: Take My Breath Away -- Berlin

Anonymous said...

#2 - Lose Control, Missy Elliott feat. Ciara
#4 - The Walk, Eurythmics
#7 - Take My Breath Away, Berlin
#10 - Just Like Honey, Jesus and Mary Chain

It's a silly game, I know. But I just love it!

Anonymous said...

#5 is Destiny's Child, I think, and I'm just going to sit here with the window open until I think of the damn title.


Glenn Dunks said...

9 is Kate Bush! But the name escapes me. I'm gonna check my iTunes to see which one it is.

Glenn Dunks said...

oh, Why Should I Love You? from her Red Shoes album. That wasn't one of my faves from that album so thats why it didn't register straight away.

Agustin said...

is number 3 freeek by george micheal?

Merchant said...

11 is Blue by joni mitchell

Anonymous said...

#3 Is "Sexual Freek" by George Michael

Anonymous said...

And #11 Is Joni Mitchell's "Blue"

Anonymous said...

I'm an idiot. My other two were already answered. Which means that the only one left is La Chiusa's "Dry" from The Wild Party in honor of Toni Collette, I presume.

Keith said...

Oh damn, now I'm gonna have to get all pedantic and annoying on you.

"I Just Fall in Love Again" and "There's a Kind of Hush" are two different songs, and as chadrocks correctly said, your lyric #1 is from "There's a Kind of Hush."

That song is generally thought of these days as a Carpenters song, but the first and more successful version (a #4 pop hit in the US) came 9 years earlier, in 1967, by Herman's Hermits.

And finally, Karen and Richard were billed on all of their records not as The Carpenters, but as Carpenters.


keith --that makes sense. but for whatever reason on my CD that song is listed with the other title. Maybe it's a faulty print? or perhaps its encoding in the CD database online is wrong?