Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Supersummer Deep Focus on 2006's directors and blockbusters.
Supergay European Films on the upcoming French oddity Poltergay
Superwoman Oh No They Didn't! with the first logical explanation I've heard as to why Madonna can't get radio play for Get Together -despite being more popular right now than she's been in years and despite the song being completely awesome.
Superman But I Always Liked a Good Storm loves the big Kryptonite plagued lug and doesn't care who knows.
Supermovie IDLRZ on Little Miss Sunshine
Supertrainofthought Jake Weird rides the peace train.
Supertease popbytes with a look at John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus
Superwhat? Sci-Fi's new series "who wants to be a superhero" begins. Perhaps the superhero genre has reached the saturation point.

Superannoying is this post. I'll stop now.


Anonymous said...

Lots of time to kill until Oscar season. Even the current movies are bad.

Anonymous said...

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