Saturday, August 05, 2006


Funny Ha Ha
The Daily Gut "Fast Fact Friday: Vin Diesel" (src)

Funny Interesting
WOW Report "Burns Unit" -I actually remember this cover. Yikes.

Funny Cool
Meryl as "Miranda" -a music video (src: Adam & Glenn)


adam k. said...

I still don't think I believe Vin Diesel is gay. And no one who I tell believes me either.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence myself.

Anonymous said...

I love SJ. She's one of Hollywood's ULTIAMTE glamazons and I don't been to detract from he post but....

Leonard Maltin is a bastard!

-Sorry, but I just have to get this off my chest- in regards to Nathaniel’s “Black Sunday” article- specifically that line about CRASH being “the lifted up” film.
Anyway, in Leonard Maltin’s 2006 annual film review book, (released last August) gave CRASH a rating of ***. Then, this week he released his 2007 edition which gave BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN *** and (yes, he fucking changed it- he never changes his ratings!!!!) CRASH ***1/2. Again, I’m sorry but it just really pissed me off and reminded me of the whole “lifted” up theory. Sigh.


that link wasn't about gay. (?)
or bbm.

there's some trains of thought going off the rails here ;)

adam k. said...

I just remember there being some discussion awhile back on either this blog or Joe R's about Vin Diesel being gay (a "muscle mary" etc.), and how that came as a shock to me. I think it was in reference to Lance Bass's coming out? Anyway, my mind wandered back to that. Sorry.

adam k. said...

p.s. isn't the Miranda video fantastic? I wish I had made it.