Friday, May 18, 2007

20:07 (The Band-Aids)

Each morning a screenshot from the 20th minute and 7th second of a movie

"Here comes Sabbath! Ozzy Osbourne! It's me, Polexia!"


Anonymous said...

very good scene, and a movie that still holds up pretty well after repeated viewings, for me anyway, well..except for Kate Hudson.

adam k. said...

This is, like, a really pretty shot. I don't recall ever thinking Almost Famous was spectacularly photographed, but now I'm reconsidering.

I'm not sure how I I feel about this film. I think I still like it... I used to LOVE it, though, when it was first released, but I was much younger then. When I realized Nat hated it, I reconsidered my feelings. Just how much do you hate it, Nat? Not enough to keep it out of 20:07, at least. It's pretty uneven, but I think there's a lot about it that works. I think what doesn't work is due to vanity project extravagance leading to lapses in Crowe's ability to objectively see how his film was coming together (or not).

I like Hudson in it a lot, though she's sort of just being herself. McDormand, better. Crudup is solid, too.

Beau said...

God LOVE Kate Hudson in this film. As luminous as anything I've seen in years, (yes, I stand by that.)

Damselfly said...

For some reason this movie has become the movie to look down on...I really liked it. It was more human than most movies are these days...I'm very tired of the idea that for a movie to be good you have to leave the theatre highly depressed...and slightly nauseous.

This was a movie where smiles were infectious, hope was contagious, and the arc of the characters was relatable.


damselfly --i don't begrudge anyone feeling that way about a movie. that's such a good way to feel about a movie.

i don't hate this movie as Adam suggests but neither do I love it. I liked a few of the performances (mostly the ones on the side like fairuza, zooey, frances) but i think it's really uneven.