Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Michelle on Ellen -The Video

So thanks to my magical little elf AJ who always keeps me up to date with La Pfeiffer news. Here are clips of her interview with Ellen DeGeneres last Friday and a grocery competition, too (yes, Michelle was once a checkout chick)

Michelle has never been much of an interviewee. Her natural element is the screen and in character. But it's still fun to finally gaze on her magnificence again ~ le sigh


Anonymous said...

darling, you posted the same clip twice, make sure you fix it so everyone can see how hot she is even when doing "little people" work. hehe :-)


oops. thanks. LINK FIXED. watch michelle bag them groceries.

adam k. said...

"I really like not working..."

OK, call me crazy, but maybe it's this blasé attitude toward Hollywood and her work that keeps La Pfeiff from winning an oscar. I myself would take "grabbing every role she can" Streep over "I'd rather sit at home and watch my daughter ride horses" Pfeiffer any day.

Not that it's good to be a workaholic, per se, but I think actors respect other actors who have a little more drive. I respect Michelle's decision to sit back and relax a bit, but she comes off here like she doesn't care about her career at all.


yeah. that line grates since it's been 5 years. but what are you gonna do. not everyone does like working... and not everyone with the resources to kick back wants to log those 15 hour days... or whatever is the norm know during shooting.


Anonymous said...

well, Michelle Pfeiffer can do whatever she wants because she's MICHELLE PFEIFFER. She's amazing. Thanks for the vid.

Anonymous said...

well yes, but this is what I read a few days ago:

Upon her return to acting, Michelle was quoted saying, "I moved and sort of was really just liking being with the kids and the family for awhile," she said of her absence. "Now that I'm working again, I realize I really like this stuff."

So maybe she'll stay this time and once in awhile she will take a year off.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Adam.