Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Top Ten: Men of Summer

If you trust the calendar, summer is one month away. But why trust the calendar when the summer movies are already playing? It's the 'Lusty Month of May' so herewith a tour of ten men who will (hopefully) be turning up the temperature on the big screen. Thank god for air conditioning. Consider them fodder for your daydreams on the beach before your evenings at the movie theater.

Pssst 1. No May releases included --thus no Pirates. Depp and Bloom won't be hurting for coverage elsewhere.
Pssst 2. Next week, the ladies...

Top Ten Men ~ Summer Movie Season 2007

10 Bruce Willis - Live Free or Die Hard
Oh, daddy! I was surprised to find myself thrilled for the return of this superhero franchise. Oh, c'mon...John McClane might as well be wearing tights and cape he's so damn indestructible.

09 James McAvoy - Becoming Jane
One of last year's breakout actors is back with a new spin on the cocksure careless flirt he excelled with in The Last King of Scotland. Bonus points: He gets naked again. Anne Hathaway likes what she sees. Don't you? [more on McAvoy]

08 George Clooney - Oceans 13
I'm demoting all the "sexiest men alive" a bit. Just to play fair. I know that some people find the Clooney unbearably cocky/smarmy. But humor is a great aphrodisiac and he has just the right blend of classic appeal and comic timing --love his broad roll of the eyes in this trailer reacting to Andy Garcia's "I was born ready" [more on George]

07 Björn Hlynur Haraldsson - 11 Men Out
This 32 year old Icelandic actor stars as a soccer player who makes a media splash when he comes out of the closet in this sports comedy from Iceland (pictured right -"I'll give you a story that sells"). Björn looks a bit like Dominic West with a smudge of Heath Ledger (?) On the silent serious side in photos. Hopefully there's a fun side. I found one smile for this collective photo op below.

06 Patrick Wilson - Evening
Probably heading for the hall of fame. But after the workout he got as the object of lust in last year's suburban marital drama... well, that'll be tough to top. I'm thinking he's closer to a PG thrill for Evening's Claire Danes than that decidely R rated plaything he was for Kate Winslet.

05 Daniel Craig -The Invasion
Another hall of famer. But... he gets enough play here @ The Film Experience already and how much sexiness do they really need in this Body Snatcher rethink? Not that he won't bring it anyway... I'm considering this a mere warmup to the rematch with Invasion co-star Nicole Kidman in The Golden Compass at the end of the year. [previous TFE Craig-centric stuff and also check out trailer excitement over at MNPP]

04 Arthur Dupont -One to Another
I figured I should throw a bone to some 20something. I'm picking this Gallic actor. Why? Well, it's just on faith that the French know what they're doing when it comes to cinematic sex. Dupont's film (Chacun sa nuit is the French title) asks him to be the object of desire for men, women, and even (or especially) his sister. Let's hope he lives up to his plot purpose. I thought about giving this one to Charlie Cox (Stardust) but decided to go foreign instead. Shia LaBeouf (The Transformers) was another option but I'm guessing he doesn't get a polysexual groove on in that film. That would give "transformer" another meaning entirely.

03 Chris Evans - Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
'Stop drop and roll' He's always on fire. He was the only good thing about the first movie. And he'll surely provide the spark again. And...my oh my it's a busy year for him.

02 Brad Pitt - Oceans 13
Perpetually the hottest man on earth. the galaxy. the universe. To play nicely with others, you have to continually demote him when you're listing. I love him in the Oceans movies. Effortlessly sexy/funny Pitt is often (though not always) preferrable to effortfully sexy/dramatic Pitt. [a lot more Brad]

01 Matt Damon - The Bourne Ultimatum and Oceans 13
He's getting closer to the big screen's MVP status every year. One strong performance after another and this summer he has the unique distinction of headlining the only third sequels of the year that probably won't suck. Plus there's that hunky masculinity, the quiet intensity and, well... the big guns that have led some people -- I'm not naming names-- to copious drooling.

If you wanna make your own list, rank them in the comments.
If you're a picky, cast some aside for your own personal beach season fantasies.


VW said...

Is it me or does it seem as if James McAvoy is being fashioned as a new Hugh Grant? Same build, same winking ,flirtatious demeanor. Just a thought.

AND Willis is back Die-Harding again? Is there any serial that ever stays gone?

Glenn Dunks said...

See, Damon doesn't do much for me looks wise and outside of the Bourne movies I'm not even a big fan of him as an actor, but i love him as a person. So funny. I wish he wouldn't play so many sour miserable sods, quite frankly.

Pitt is so vanilla to me. He actually bores me as a person.

but to each their own... there's no Hugh this summer, which is disappointing.

Ásta said...

Björn Hlynir is a good actor (and easy on the eyes) but I was very disappointed in Eleven Men Out. It's simplistic, unrealistic, unoriginal and annoying. I really wanted to like it but I gave up on it half way through. A pity since it's the only gay-themed movie ever produced in Iceland and the actors really do give it their all.

Unknown said...

James McAvoy was so cute and charming in The Last King of Scotland, until, of course, those unfortunate meat hooks.

I agree with Kamikaze Camel about Pitt. I don't think he's been exciting since Thelma and Louise. I think he's gotten REALLY boring since joining the Anjelina world tour.

Patrick Wilson, Daniel Craig, Matt Damon...sigh...it's going to be a great summer at the movies!

Anonymous said...

Count me among the flood of McAvoy McManiacs and among those who Brad Pitt does nothing for-he's too, I dunno, OVBIOUSLY good looking and kind of boring to me.

Anonymous said...

Matt Damon as an actor - emphatic yes! Matt Damon as a lust-tastic man - not so much.

And have you seen the new Pitt pics from Cannes? Check him out: http://www.thenewsroom.com/details/326049/Entertainment?c_id=kc I mean, what happened?!?

SusanP said...

"McAvoy McManiacs"

Heeeeeeee! I loooove this! (And yes, I'm one of them.)

Anonymous said...

Ugh the things I'd let Bruce Willis do to me. Over and over again.

Sigh. TMI.

Anonymous said...

Quoth our Leader: "I figured I should throw a bone to someone in the younger range."

Really, Nat? You're confortable with this kind of wordplay??

Sidenote: Matt Damon, Yes! Always a hint below the intensity you'd expect for his roles, but I love that. Overacting is overprized among his generation.

Damselfly said...

Ok...I'm with you on all of those but I would like to point out a few who should not be ignored...fantasy-wise:

-Casey Affleck (Ocean's 13)...can hold his own in the Affleck family.

-Ioan Groffudd (Fantastic Four)...every woman's, and man's, Horatio Hornblower...I'll leave it with the name.

-Timothy Olyphant (Live Free or Die Hard)...his first kiss with Jen in Catch and Release was one of the best things about that movie.

-Josh Duhamel (Transformers)...not winning any Oscars but are we talking about that or are we talking about looks...?
http://men.style.com/gq/fashion/landing?id=content_2523 (make sure you check out the slideshow)

-Henry Cavill (Stardust)...The Tudors...I'll leave it at that.

Ash said...

Matt Damon. I heart him hard. :)


jake said --er corrected! someone wash my mouth out with soap. I so did not mean for it to read that way. I meant the bone part ;) but not the rest of it.

damselfly --great suggestions. I knew I was missing less obvious names. thus, the beauty of the comments section.

susan p --we mcmaniacs are growing in numbers. but i don't want anyone to confuse us with the mcdreamy mcsteamy thing on tv. blech. (not the guys but the show. why does everyone love that? ugh)

Andy Scott said...

Matt Damon is who I think of when I think of the All-American man. He's one of my favorite actors. And the interesting thing about him is that he's had a really successful, yet underrated movie career. I would love to see him nominated for an Oscar again. Actually---he should have been nominated twice since Good Will Hunting for The Talented Mr. Ripley and The Departed, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Screw the Frey's guys...I'm a McAvoy McManiac through and through

Anonymous said...

Ioan Grufford is - stunning -

How does Clive Owen not make this list - the man is - awe inspiring - take your breath away - so unlike the typical girly H'wodd actors -

Brad - in Troy - buffed beyond belief - that was so NOT vanilla!!


is clive owen in a movie this summer?
did i miss something?

Anonymous said...

sorry nate - Golden Age is a fall release - but - Clive is sooooo fine - he should be on ANY list !

Glenn Dunks said...

Anon, Brad in Troy was ridiculous. He may have been buff, but he certainly was not masculine.

And the thing about Brad being "obviously" good looking is so true. And these days he's looking more like a vague wax figure alongside Angelina.

I'm waiting for Atonement to make up my mind on McAvoy. I didn't fall for him in Narnia and I thought he got washed along with the dreadful Last King of Scotland (an opinion I am in the minority about, but damn, I hated that movie so much). He is cute, but not babyish. Like, he'd rip your clothes off and do you maniacally if he could, but afterwards he'd still look cute as a button. Make sense?

gabrieloak said...

Unfortunately, Chacun Sa Nuit isn't very good. I saw it in Toronto last September. It's depressing and full of characters who are who hateful. And also boring.

gabrieloak said...

Isn't McAvoy shorter and skinnier than Hugh Grant?

lylee said...

Great call on the Clooney eyeroll in the "Ocean's 13" trailer. It still makes me laugh every time.