Saturday, May 12, 2007

5 Questions

One of my blog buddies StinkyLulu has been doing a viral series goin' round the web called "5 Questions". Basically it works like this: someone sends a particular blog 5 random questions and they're answered in one post. Anyone can play. You can send Lulu inquiries, too. I couldn't resist so I sent him my questions. I found his answers funny, illuminating, and appropriately freaky. Go read it.

Here are two photos I prepared just for 'lil Lu to thank him

(You'll have to read his post to understand)

I enjoyed this mini interview so much that I've decided to kick off the second season of "The Blogosphere Multiplex" this next week. Post-Modern Barney and The Gilded Moose were the last victims should you need a refresher as to what that series was all about.


StinkyLulu said...

I wish GRILLED CHEESE had the same effect on the attractiveness of my culo. But, as always, MsKate has it right...

(Thanks for the questions. 'Twas a real treat.)

J.D. said...

Grilled cheese... [homer drool]

Kate Winslet... [respectable and dignified drool]

Drooling all over your dinner... Priceless.