Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nicole Kidman as Margot

Tonight is one of those dread insomnia nights. So I play on the internet instead of sleeping and post at ungodly hours. *sigh* But all is not bleak. There's lovely photos to gaze upon. Lookie here... Ted Z's got a photo of Nicole in Margot at the Wedding. Looks like a bonafide production still.


Anonymous said...

I'll see your Margot production still and raise you a Savage Grace one sheet:


Anonymous said...

Nat, you must be slipping, lol. That Margot still is about 2 to 3 months old.

Have you read the script for Margot At The Wedding? It's been floating around especially on IMDB for awhile. I have and from my ability to judge the kind of movie I go for, I believe Baumbach just gifted Kidman a fantastic role. The movie is definitely all about Margot.

If you haven't, drop a reply here and I will send it to you via your contact link if you want me to :).

Anonymous said...

dear ano

I am interested in the script, can i have a copy please? thanks

here is my email add:


anonymous 1 -i love it
anonymous 2 -well it was news to me. i've seen a million set photos of her in that hat but none that looked like an actual production still

doesn't anyone have names ---you don't even need an account. just put your name at the bottom of your comments. :)

El Maquinista said...

The photo looks exciting. I hear the script is excellent, I like Nicole but personally I'm more excited to see Jennifer Jason Leigh onscreen again and hopefully in a Best Supporting Actress-friendly role as Pauline. I have a little post about Margot at the Wedding on my JJL blog if anyone is interested in reading:


Can't wait for this movie!