Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Linked & Loaded

Latino Review all kinds of wrong new pre-production rumors. Jessica Biel playing an Asian character. Whaaa? Rodriguez as director of The Jetsons. Shouldn't that go to someone like a Peyton Reed or something?
Bright Lights a quick thought on bad girls in the media & Blohan 2007
Lazy Eye Theater (stop the 3s) i love the very last line of this post --scary funny.
Matt Zoller Seitz spins an insightful review of Spider-Man 3
Just Jared Lindsay and mom at the Georgia Rule premiere. I really think if you take fame-whoring Dina Lohan outta the equation, Lindsay's recovery would be a helluva lot more likely.

I've also updated the 'soundtrack' jukebox in the sidebar with several tracks to get you thinking about that action heroine blog-a-thon coming atcha next month. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

what the hell was Felicity Huffman thinking when she signed up for Georgia Rule?

and Nat do you REALLY think that if Blohan's mommy weren't in the picture, she would be doing any better? i'm sure she doesn't help the situation but, me think's Lindsay would be just as pathetic without her.


a stage parent that wants to be famous is always going to be trouble for famous kids who need to step back from the spotlight just enough to keep a reality check in place.

seems like a dangerous combo to me unless the famous kid has a level head to begin with.

and Lindsay doesn't. quite obviously

Anonymous said...

WHY ISN'T THIS ENTIRE POST ABOUT ME!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!!???!!


it'll be all about you very soon LiLo!

Steven said...

White girl playing Asian? Only non-Asians approached to play the role? That doesn't make this Asian too happy.


russtifer said...

That was a great Spidey 3 review. Thanks Nat.

Anonymous said...

Here's another link for you.

Hard to believe the Great Kate would have been 100!!!