Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Link Therefore I Blog

other people
Bright Lights on "review rage" --I've noticed this myself. I'm sure I've been guilty of it at times. Good advice herein.
Wow Report When Nora Blogged Rosie. Freeform poetry guest-blogging!
Movie Blog Marcus Schenkenberg talks Terminator (4)
This is What We Do Now and As Little As Possible both have different and interesting takes on the Lindsay Lohan problem.
MNPP "do, dump, or marry?" with the Battlestar Galactica boys

i get around...
Zoom In my June movie preview is up.
ModFab A few posts: K-Fed invading Hollywood (eep), viral I Heart Huckabees style set pranks, and Martha Plimpton. I didn't share this at that post but The Boyfriend belongs to a book group and when they're done discussing any given book they cast the movie. The only requirement in their casting decisions: Martha Plimpton must get a role in every movie. Hee.

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