Friday, May 18, 2007

Do You Hear What Jake Hears?

You were so good about helping me figure out what was in Kate Winslet's bag the other day, I figured I should enlist your sleuthing skills again.

Here is a pic of Jake Gyllenhaal @ Cannes to promote Zodiac (my review). So what do you suppose is going on here? What do you suppose Jakey poo thought he heard? What does he want to hear? Who is talking?

[note: lots more Jake @ Cannes over @ Just Jared]


E Dot said...

Probably Ryan Phillipe's distant taunts.

That, or the voices asking him why he made 'Bubble Boy'.

Anonymous said...

Probably someone telling him how overrated he is.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic though I read "His Dark Materials" series (well, I'm trudging through the third book right now).

The character that Nicole Kidman plays is described as having lovely black hair..Nicole doesn't fit this role they should've had Connelly..but whatever.

If they do the entire trilogy , I expect there to be major christian backlash..seriously if they thought Harry Potter was bad they have no clue what's coming. The church are the bad people..and there are plenty biblical aspects that are seen as I hope the first one "The Golden Compass"is a major hit (although the first one doesn't bash the church that much it's later on) just so they can do the other two.

The series itself though isn't that great..I really could care less about the characters and I'm forcing myself to finish the last one.

Glenn Dunks said...

"HAVE SEX WITH ME!" - The entire crowd

Anonymous said...

He heard me yell "I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cinesnatch said...

It's Matt McCophersomethingorother saying, "You, Me, Armstrong, Malibu, Summer 2007?"

Jason Adams said...

He hearing the deafening roar of my total insanity (inanity?) since seeing these pics yesterday.


elias --i knew we had to get some sort of Reese response in the mix. I myself was gonna go there.

kamikaze & sora --judging by all the smiles in the other photos his answer is "YES!"

vince & ja --naughty naughty boys.

oh and JA -I LOVE the gift you gave yourself but i'd put them even closer and maybe tilt Grrrufallo's head just a little bit more for maximum orgasmic potential. C'mon man see it through !!!!

Anonymous said...

"Can you throw some ds on dat bitch?"

Anonymous said...

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