Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Place Where Broadway Dared To Go

Oh for what could have been... Xanadu is soon in previews on Broadway and I have yet to buy tickets. In workshops Jane Krakowski and Cheyenne Jackson (pictured left) were playing the Olivia and Michael Beck roles. I was hopping up and down with nostalgic glee. Jane. love. Cheyenne. yummm

Though I have made my displeasure with the film to stage movement known in the past, there are exceptions to every rule. I had high hopes for this particular adaptation: seemed like an ideal film to rethink and/or restylize into grand kitsch or goofy musical comedy. But though I love Xanadu I got suspicious when both Jane & Cheyenne (two of Broadways very best) opted out of / proved too expensive for / or otherwise exited the production. I am more wary of this rollerskating ELO/Olivia scored Greek muse disco musical than I ever expected to be.

Incidentally Cheyenne writes on his own website about once a month and he's pretty funny. There's great stories about hearing "sexyback" in an elevator, working pilot season in LA, and Xanadu rehearsals with Jane.

(I've added Jane Krakowski's TONY winning Nine number "A Call From the Vatican" as well as the Xanadu theme to the jukebox in the sidebar)


Gabriel Shanks said...

A small correction...XANADU hasn't started previews yet on Broadway. It begins May 23rd. And don't pretend like you won't be going! :-)


oops. OK.

yeah. but... just not as excited about it as I once was

J.D. said...

Jane is awesome, surely the unsung hero of "30 Rock", which she really needs attention for NOW.