Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Movie Going Memories

Last week when I reposted my illustrated memoirs of my childhood @ the movies, I challenged readers to share one or two of their own. I am pleased to point you to some four guys who took up the challenge.

"Do You Want to Go See a James Bond Movie?"
Damian recounts a moment in the 80s that changed him.
"These Days..."
Beau delivers an emotionally flushed tale of his growing love for the cinema
"Childhood Memories and Great Movies"
Marius recalls 17 movies that made an impact on him.
"Jurassic Park"
Adam reminisces about the thrilling Mesozoic blockbuster. Dinosaurs rule.


J.D. said...

Dang it! I thought you said this Thursday. :( I was halfway done with mine too. Can I enter a tardy piece?

Anonymous said...

Great pieces by these guys!

I totally "get" Beau's, wanted to leave him a comment but since his page doesn't allow for "anonymous" comments (and I don't have a blogger acct) I'll just post it here if you don't mind Nat! ;o)

this was lovely!

I understand how you feel when walking into a theatre and just losing yourself to the emotion of the movie, it happens to me most times as well! If a movie is entertaining and at least halfway decent then I'll enjoy it and probably "feel" it for the duration of the show (even though I might dissect the film later)

Continue immersing yourself in them and don't let anyone ever take that feeling away from you!!! (cause if you lose it you'll discover that unfortunately most movies aren't worth watching)

Anonymous said...

oh, and Nat... how and when does that Star Wars blogathon work? ;o)


the star wars blog-a-thon you can read details here. It's hosted by Eddie on Film.

Beau said...

Thanks Cris, I greatly appreciate that. I hope never to lose it either, but in all likelihood the current state of Hollywood will knock me down a few pegs. (Spidey and Shrek were adequate **1/2, and Pirates I've been hearing nothing particularly memorable about, which is a DAMN shame.) Still, one can hope something will come along and salvage this season *coughknockedupcough*

Thanks again. :)
And thank you Nat, for all of your kind words as well.

Anonymous said...

I too was v. v. VERY disappointed by Spidey (especially realising that they could have made 2 excellent movies), and am scared for Shrek (which doesn't come out here for another 3 weeks)...

But don't worry Beau, I saw Pirates last night, and it's definitely more than memorable! ;o)

damn blasted ending though... some people will be happy with it, i'm kind of on the furious side!!! grrrrrrrrr

and the Keith Richards cameo is such fun!!!

now all I need to do is see it again, in English this time! (was in French last night, sigh!)