Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Linky 500

Kiki turned 25 and yes, I missed that birthday too. Indiana is controlling me! Aaron celebrates the actress that everyone but me loves to hate and thinks she'll make an innersting Debbie Harry.
Charlies Angels Abridged have y'all heard of this "minisode" thing? That'd be no problem to do with today's reality shows that have about 6 minutes of actual story (the rest being mostly references to things we just barely saw or recaps of things we just barely saw or conjecturing about what we might next see... argh) but i don't know about old shows...
9 Minutes of Ratatouille because Pixar is (usually) awesome
Alexis Arquette doc hits Tribeca. It sounds like the film had something of a rough road to completion. As did Alexis herself. (For those who've wondered about Alexis pre-Surreal Life, please rent Wigstock immediately. She's terrific.)
Kidman To Marry A Millionaire -can she (or anyone) pull it off?


Neel Mehta said...

After her breathy voice/vocals in Moulin Rouge! and Happy Feet, it seems Nicole Kidman has a bit of a Marilyn Monroe fetish. Anyone else pick up on this?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget her breathy work in Bewitched neel - or rather, do forget it. But yes, I was noticing the same thing - although why do we assume Kidman is taking the Monroe role?

The studio is saying this is going to be updated and that's the only way I can see it working - or putting it period but tongue in cheek a la Down with Love. Otherwise, I don't see the point in it.

Now, if we spread out the gender and sexual orientation of both the gold diggers and their "marks" (why not a male gold digger and a female millionaire? Why not have a gay or a lesbian golddigger?) then it might be interesting. But I have little patience and faith in these sorts of projects when there are so many original scripts languishing in dusty corners. The studios proved a long time ago that they no longer have any idea what they are doing 99% of the time.