Friday, May 18, 2007

I Know Who Linked Me

<--Jude Law does not appear in the links. I just like to look at him

quick reads

ModFab wishes himself a happy birthday. Go do the same
Burbanked punishes their favorite directors
Hot Blog 10 Things Studios Don't Want You To Know
Guardian Yay, Lukas Moodyson (Together, Show Me Love) is coming back. His new film will be called Mammoth
Film Brain welcomes William Friedkin back with Bug
novaslim "Dear People With More Money Than Me..."
Cinematical on Susan Sarandon's next picture. Although I find it more than a little sloppy weird that they talk about the casting and the mother/daughter angle of the story and still fail to mention that Eva Amurri is Susan Sarandon's daughter in real life. Helloooo.

find the time
The Misunderstood Blog-a-Thon at Culture Snob. So far there are entries on One From the Heart, Punch Drunk Love, INLAND EMPIRE, Heaven Help Us, Magnolia and more...
Radio Allegro for those of you who've asked, I won't be on the Radio Allegro podcast weekly anymore. I just had too much on my plate... but I will be a featured guest when I can manage. They currently have podcasts up on the art of the mashup and NYC dance party Bootie as well as a political discussion on the 2008 candidates. Episodes coming soon for the TONY awards and the summer movies and I hope to chat on both.


Anonymous said...

You don't need an excuse to post a picture of Jude...though these days he's getting a little skeevy

Shaun said...

Hi Nathaniel - I was not quite sure where to leave my comment, so I just decided to tack it on to your last post. The Witches review mentions Anjelica Huston's performance in The Grifters that should have awarded her the Best Actress Oscar for that year instead of Kathy Bates. I couldn't agree with you more. I think it is one of the best ever leading actress performances I have ever seen. I think her performance is nuanced and powerful. Ms. Huston really proved that she is one of the best (I have to say that I also love her in Prizzi's Honor, Manhatten Murder Mystery, Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Crossing Guard, and Enemies: A Love Story). I suppose Academy members had their own reasons for choosing Ms. Bates, an unconventional actress in a showy piece, but the histrionics were too much for me.


rural --he is looking a little worn around the edges but it's just a new kind of oldersexy for him. he's always so pretty.

shaun --thanks! i do actually enjoy Bates performance but the conception of the piece and the music and a bunch of other things are helping the performance along... Huston's just feels like the actors brilliance funnelled into a challenging role.

my 2 cents at least.

Anonymous said...

I dunno...I guess it's all the nanny sex and ridiculous scarves that are turning me off to him

Glenn Dunks said...

He looks delicious in the tux on the Cannes red carpet. When he fixes his hair and wears clothes that didn't belong to a hobo three days prior he still looks amazing.