Tuesday, May 22, 2007

DVD Releases

New to DVD
Apocalypto The one where Mel Gibson lost his mind. Again
Epic Movie It sucks. We measured
Fay Grim Didn't this just open last week? I'm so confused by all these new distribution models
Flags of Our Fathers / Letters From Iwo Jima for Oscar completists. Witness the shocking disparity in quality between the two
<--- The Good German Witness Blanchett's best perf from 2006
The Italian The Russian foreign film Oscar submission from 2005/
Venus The one where Peter O'Toole lost his Oscar. Again, poor guy

Older Films / Special Editions
The 40-Year-Old Virgin: Unrated (Double Your Pleasure) Love this movie but it was already too long. Oh for the days of succinct 90 minute laughs. And haven't they already released an unrated version?
Can-Can Shirley Maclaine high kicking it with frequent co-star Frank Sinatra in this musical
John Wayne His centennial, so a bunch of the films are out.
No Man of Her Own Gable & Lombard. If you've never seen Carole Lombard in action, please rectify it soon. With anything
Porky's: The Ultimate Collection This franchise was a big lowbrow hit in the 80s. Younger viewers should they see it (and I'm not recommending) will be shocked at how much nudity mainstream movies used to allow
Prince of the City (1981) Treat Williams back in the day...
Scarface (1932) Violent materialistic Tony rises through the ranks of the mob. He looks like Paul Muni instead of Al Pacino. I've never seen a teenager wearing Paul Muni's mug. 'tis a shame. Michelle Pfeiffer isn't in this one. Directed by the great Howard Hawks so it's probably better than the 83 version though I must admit I haven't seen it. Will try to rectify that as soon as I get done dreaming about how awesome Pfeiffer wouldn't been under Hawks guidance. Think what he got from Stanwyck (Ball of Fire), Hepburn (Bringing Up Baby) and Clift (Red River) alone! P.S. Those three films should go on your queue immediately
Summer School You know if crap like this Mark Harmon / Kirstie Alley comedy from 1987 can get a special edition how come there's so many movies still waiting for their first DVD offering? And how come I can't get my third season of Once & Again? Argh.


Anonymous said...



PIPER said...

Holy Schnikes.

Thanks Nathanial. I have been waiting and waiting for Prince Of The City to come out on DVD and there it is.

Can't wait to snag it.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the greatness Hawks got from John Wayne! Red River, Rio Bravo, El Dorado, Hatari and Rio Lobo are all very good to perfect (Rio Bravo). If you need 5 non-Hawks JOhn Wayne movies go with: 1) Liberty Vallance (his best performance - he shoulda have won the Oscar for it) 2) The Searchers 3) Three Godfathers 4) The Quiet Man 5)The Horse Soldiers. (all of them were directed by Ford..., but that's John Wayne, you know)

Anyway, don't like Hawks' Scarface. His worst movie I've seen. Anyway, I don't like old gangster movies, except from Raoul Walsh's astonishing White Heat. Blame it on The Godfather (best film ever) and Once Upon a Time in America.

- cal roth

mistyh92104 said...


I'd love for you to do this "new on DVD" feature regularly. I just don't have the stamina to keep up on it all myself and this was very informative.

And, of course, it had your commentary...all the better!

Love ya, Misty

mistyh92104 said...

Also, to Cal,

I've never been a big Wayne fan, but have wanted to investigate (and I have a magnifying glass at the ready).

Your comments have helped to inform me where I should start.

Thank you!


P.S. I did see "The Searchers" years ago and loved it. I do think that John Ford is one of those master directors who are taken for granted "nowadays".

Anonymous said...

I love John Wayne. That's like Godard said - you can't love the man, but his screen persona is marvelous.

- cal roth

SusanP said...

I'll add to the John Wayne chorus. The Searchers is one of my favorite films. I think it's time to revisit his as well as John Ford's work.

Deborah said...

I am not familiar with the disparity in quality between FooF and SoIJ; I only saw one.

The original Scarface is intensely worthwhile, it is a shocking and visceral movie.

Anonymous said...

Well of course Sheba Hart sucks just ask Steven Connolly. He knows for a fact that she sucks ;)