Monday, May 14, 2007

28 Links Later

There's not really 28 Links, don't worry. Who has time for that?

Qi Shu & Chen Chang in Fourth Time. No, It's actually a still from Blood Brothers

Windmills of My Mind on the erotic neo-noir Body Heat
Twitch has trailer and info on Blood Brothers which reunites Three Times scorchers Chen Chang and Qi Shu [prev]
Sunset Gun here's a tribute I can get behind: "Fantastic Fonda"
Telegraph Helena Bonham Carter says that Tim Burton "hates musicals but loves Sweeney Todd" oh boy... this movie sounds worse all the time.
Movie Blog Ewan McGregor and Chiwetel Ejiofor onstage in Othello
GreenCine Coppola in Miami on Youth Without Youth

...And finally a note on one of my favorite directors. Film Ick (and now various other outlets, too) are reporting that Lars Von Trier is stating that he is too depressed to make any more movies. If true: Get well soon, LVT. You are awesome. If not true: Well done for another auteur prank. You are awesome.

I know this may sound insensitive but I'm certain Lars can cope with my cynicism --he's hardly shy about stomping on other people's feelings is he? If you stop to think about how much you know about Lars Von Trier: his political feelings, his refusal to travel, his storied abuse (?) of leading ladies, his random rules and manifestos for himself and other filmmakers... and compare what you know about other fine international directors you'll realize how little you know about the others. Directors who are willing to play up their persona (like Norma Jean "turning on" Marilyn Monroe) and publicize their eccentricities (Lynch and cheese, Tarantino and feet, Hitchcock and, well, everything --he was the master) are the ones who arrive most quickly at legendary auteur status.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw Klute for the first time and it made me adore her even more!

That version of Othello is something I'd very much like to see.

Sorry, but LVT never making another movie makes me happy b/c we will be spared the last in the 'Dogville' trilogy