Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I'm half watching TV. Actually my back is turned and I occassionally swivel around to look. American Idol bores me silly and I don't know how so many bloggers work up the effort to recap it week after week (filler, filler, filler and the judges shtick hasn't changed in 6 years. zzz) But what is bugging me tonight is the repeated new commercial for Spider-Man 3 it's very short and there's virtually no dialogue. It's all flash cut imagery from the movie with congratulatory intertitles detailing the smashing of box office records on their opening weekend. Finally Gwen Stacey shouts "SPIDER-MAN!!!" to thunderous applause (from the keys to the city ceremony in the movie). I totally get this type of paid advertisement in Variety. In fact I think it's fun to look at. But that's an industry magazine about the biz for industry people. Are we all shareholders now? The audience is now industry. We've been assimilated into rejoicing other people's profit margins. Does no one mind the bragging?


Glenn Dunks said...

I saw a print ad today in the newspapare and hailed "Critics agree! The best Spider-Man yet!"

and then I threw up a little.


shameless. though i suppose it's not technically a lie if they can find two people saying that ;)

that is plural

Neel Mehta said...

Reading the title of your post, I could only think:

"Uh, bankrupt! We've already so decided on Jamie."