Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trouble the Water (Plus: Links)

My New Plaid Pants has the best episode yet of "Thursday's Ways Not To Die"
Guardian "un-congratulations, you're pregnant"
Coming Soon new James Bond title: Quantum of Solace. And I thought "Bond 22" was bad. Still, with Daniel Craig leading again they could call it This Movie Sucks and I'd still buy my ticket.
Movie Marketing Madness on supply and demand and the low figures for today's prestige dramas in the marketplace. I may have linked to this before (?) but if so it's worth repeating. This makes a lot of sense and it's yet another reason to accept my decree that Hollywood must stop releasing every adult drama in the last quarter of the year.

And way the hell over in Park City, Utah the Sundance Film Festival has recently wrapped its first week (couple more days to go). One of the hits of the festival is Trouble the Water (pictured, above) a raw firsthand account of Hurricane Katrina and Hurrican FEMA survivors. You can read my review @ Zoom-In.

[cue exit music: God's gonna trouble the waa--aahh---ter]


Anonymous said...

Was just browsing the Film Bitch Award nominations. I hope Cate Blanchett will get a mention for her wonderfuly expressive cameo in Hot Fuzz :)

Deborah said...

I have some extensive explanation of the Bond title here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link Deborah. It's obvious that the film will have absolutely NO resemblance to the story (and the title still sucks as a movie title, btw - although I must admit now I'm intrigued enough to want to read the source story.)

Thanks for the links Nate (and the terrific review of Trouble the Water); reading the essay on abortion (or lack of) in movies re: 4 Months... I suddenly understand WHY (not having seen the film) it didn't get an Oscar nom when it's been praised so highly. The Academy wants to think itself brave and daring all of the sudden (what with nomming NCFOM and TWWB) but it's obvious on certain issues (see: Brokeback) that they still lack courage.


Anonymous said...

Trouble the Water sounds interesting.