Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1996 Retrospective

I haven't had much time to write as you've undoubtedly noticed. Screenings, personal life stuff and general exhaustion. Searching for that 15th wind I am. But to keep you busy, how about a look back to 1996? (Tangent: It came to mind with the most recent episode of "Best Pictures From The Outside In" ---here's a complete index of the episodes as suggested.)

With 1996 there's certainly a lot to choose from. Here's where my 1996 awards would probably go.

Share your favorite '96 films & performances in the comment.


Anonymous said...

couldnt disagree more wih everything you said "evita". wow. i think youve allowed your madonna obsession to cloud your judgement. glad you included some decent crucible citings. i constantly sway on Leo in Romeo + Juliet. in some scenes he's pitch perfect (balcony, mercution vs. tybalt) and some i think he missed the mark (i defy you stars!!!) which may just be impossible to say. have to be honest, that is easily shakespeare's worst line. ever. i actually think i dfinately wouldve nomd clair danes to be honest, i bought everything she did.

my winners may look a little something like this:
pic: Fargo (trainspotting/sling blade)
actor: McGregor (Thornton/Macy/DDL/Marky Mark in "Fear" no joke. scary shit)
actress: McDormand (Danes/Watson/Paltrow)
Supp. Actor: Buscemi (Vaughn/Norton)
Supp. Actress: Joan Allen. I agree. no one else necessary

J.D. said...

Of course I need to see a lot, but Hunchback wins everything. Even Demi Moore for supporting actress.

If you asked me when I was 8, that last part would actually be true. Youth is weird.

In all seriousness, I've always been oddly interested in 1996, actually. Plus, Romeo + Juliet, Secrets & Lies, Fargo and Trainspotting are all amazing enough to walk away with a few from me, I think. LOL.

Adam said...

So much love for 'Breaking the Waves' and 'Crash.' 1996 was the perfect year for unsettling anonymous sex.

evermoon said...

I'd have loved to see noms for the following:
Meg Ryan (Courage Under Fire) for Best Supporting Actress
Robin Williams (Birdcage) for Best Actor
Renee Zellweger (Jerry Maguire) for Best Supporting Actress
Leonardo DiCaprio (Marvin's Room) for Best Supporting Actor
Madonna (Evita) for Best Actress
Star Trek: First Contact for Best Picture (haha)

Anonymous said...

barbara hershey the portriat of a lady in supp actress.

Anonymous said...

You have to see Sling Blade!

Anonymous said...

My somewhat extended ballot:

1 Fargo
2 The English Patient
3 Trainspotting
4 Evita
5 Secrets & Lies
6 Swingers
7 Everyone Says I Love You
8 The Portrait of a Lady
9 Breaking The Waves
10 Big Night

1 Geoffrey Rush (Shine)
2 Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting)
3 Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet)
4 Antonio Banderas (Evita)
5 Christopher Eccleston (Jude)

1 Emily Watson (Breaking The Waves)
2 Brenda Blethyn (Secrets & Lies)
3 Frances McDormand (Fargo)
4 Kristin Scott Thomas (English Patient)
5 Madonna (Evita)

Supporting Actor
1 William H Macy (Fargo)
2 Martin Donovan (Portrait of a Lady)
3 Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting)
4 Edward Norton (Primal Fear)
5 Samuel L Jackson (A Time To Kill)

Supporting Actress
1 Juliette Binoche (English Patient)
2 Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Secrets & Lies)
3 Laura Linney (Primal Fear)
4 Kate Winslet (Hamlet)
5 Barbara Hershey (Portrait of a Lady)


Anonymous said...

Not a bad year, not great, but has sme real gems.

I without shame, think Scream was one of the five best films of the year. I love it, and i also love Courtney Cox in it especially.

I think Fargo is the best film of the year, but sometimes when Ralph claims "this spot right here" I get tingles and reconsider.

par3182 said...

oh come on, antonio banderas blew madonna off the screen in evita

the two great female performances oscar missed in '96 were debbie reynolds in mother and courtney love in the people vs larry flynt

Dave said...

WAIT wait wait wait wait... you haven't seen Portrait of a Lady? What is wrong with you?! (Said with love, of course...)

I feel delicious pride in having seen all but one of your "should've but probably haven't seen" list. (The one being Angels & Insects, in case you're interested.)

Romeo + Juliet runs away with this year for me. I adore everything about it. Even Christina Pickles (who barely gets anything to do) may steal a supporting actress slot. Also love your Evita citations... although I never got the massive love for Joan Allen, which is bizarre because I generally think she's the best thing since (sliced) Katharine Hepburn.

Anonymous said...

Best Pics
Breaking the Waves
The Flower of my Secret
Stealing Beauty

Best Actor
William H Macy Fargo
Robert De Niro Casino/Heat
Sean Penn Dead Man Walking
Geoffrey Rush Shine
Liam Neeson Michael Collins

Best Actress
Brenda Blethyn Secrets & Lies
Frances McDormand Fargo
Marisa Paredes The Flower of my Secret
Lili Taylor I shot Andy Warhol
Emily Watson Breaking the Waves

Best Supporting Actor
Stephen Dorff I shot Andy Warhol
Robert Downey Jnr Home for the Holidays/Richard III
John Leguizamo To Wong Foo…/Romeo & Juliet
Harold Perrineau Romeo & Juliet
Stephen Rea Michael Collins

Best Supporting Actress
Toni Collette Lillian's Story
Ileana Douglas To Die For
Miriam Margolyes Romeo & Juliet
Mira Sorvino Mighty Aphrodite
Kate Winslet Sense & Sensibility


Guy Lodge said...

No love for "Grace of My Heart" anywhere? It was everything "Dreamgirls" should have been and wasn't, yet nobody seems to remember it.

Still, "Breaking the Waves" would have pretty much swept the board for me: Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, Cinematography, Actress, Supporting Actress for Katrin Cartlidge (RIP).

Add in "Trainspotting" for Actor and Adapted Screenplay, and America wouldn't have got much of a look-in from me in 1996.

Maybe Tony Shalhoub in "Big Night" for Supporting Actor.

adam k. said...

Cuba Gooding Jr. WAS actually very good in Jerry. Maybe not great enough for a win, but good enough that the win was not at all embarrassing (at least not at the time). He deserves the Film Bitch nom.

I really loved both Renée (yes I just referred to her on a first name basis) and Regina King in that movie, too. Love for the performances all around.

Who would've WON these categories from you? I'm interested in best actor specifically.

Anonymous said...

Best Pic: The English Patient
Best Dir: Anthony Minghella
Best Actress: Emily Watson
Best Actor: Antonio Banderas
Best Supp. Actress: Deborah Kara Unger (Crash)
Best Supp. Actor: Derek Jacobi (Hamlet)
Best Screenplay: Fargo


I count Cronenberg's Crash as a 1997 film (march 07 US release) for those wondering about it's absence

casey f evita has special meaning to me personally. I haven't seen it in a decade but things going on in my life, people I saw it with 3 times, etcetera. Plus: Madonna. So i love it.

dave i know i know. I blame the relentless habit Hollywood has of releasing hundreds of new films each year which never allows me to catch up.

jfk74 you got your 1995 all over my 1996 ;)

adam k Oscar wise that year i was rooting for wins from

ACTRESS -McDormand
ACTOR -Cruise

Marcello Talone said...

wellcome to the dollhouse
secrets & lies

a good year.

Anonymous said...

1. You know you want to embrace Angels and Insects in the technical categories, particularly Costume Design. Fantastic work done on a budget (and you cannot tell).

2. Where are your foreign films? Nothing for La Haine, Ridicule or Prisoner of the Mountains? All would make my top ten (the last might be a 1997 release).

3. The one who must not be named gave her best performance in The Whole Wide World. A minor gem of a film, with great performances and a millieu not often visited.

4. A fan of Wes Anderson needs to see Bottle Rocket.

5. Great GREAT call on Matt Damon. He was remarkable in the Zwick film (and really, how often do you hear "remarkable" and "Zwick film" in the same sentence?)

6. You really need to revisit Breaking the Waves - one of the decade's greats.

7. In terms of supporting actress, the best way to tell who was the best is rewatch the awards presentation at the oscars. Joan Allen does the best job at looking nonchalant. Hershey and Jean-Baptiste are clearly thinking "HOLY SHIT," Bacall is not amused ("I made fun of BArbara Streisand for you people and this is the thanks I get!) and Binoche is flabbergasted. Joan Allen simply widens her eyes a bit with a little of "didn't see that one coming."

This would've been a year where Winslet actually should've gotten double nods without category fraud, for her Ophelia is a startlingly physical creation, and she managed to wring every drop of pathos from the role. And she was great in Jude. Neither film was all that interesting, though.


yeah, i've always wondered why no one ever mentions that Damon performance. He was all emaciated before Christian Bale you know? I remember when Good Will Hunting came out and people were so "Matt Damon is great" and i was like ... "duh"

Jason Adams said...

I just came in here to scream at you, Nat, for not having seen Bottle Rocket. Bottle Rocket!!!

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Awesome picks Nathaniel! I do SO deeply love your Film Bitch awards: despite some sinful omissions- namely ENGLISH PATIENT and Courtney Love- I won’t complain with Barrymore, Thomas and Binoche (yes she IS supp) cited.

Now although my taste tends to run w/ critics and my fellow cinephiles, when it comes to FARGO vs. ENGLISH PATIENT, I’ve always rooted for the latter. From Minghella’s poetic direction to the stellar tech work and flawless acting:

- Fiennes’s as the aloof explorer undone by obsessive love… Thomas’s cool elegance as a woman torn between passion and prosperity… Binoche as the luminous, shell-shocked nurse (one of my all time fav performances)… uhhhhhh

I fell under its desert spell from the beginning and have never recovered. I realize FARGO is regarded as THE film of ’96 (and for many the best of the 90s) but my love for PATIENT is eternal. Oh, what an amazing year 1996 was for film…

(My Top 10/ winners for ’96)
1. The English Patient
2. Fargo
3. Breaking the Waves
4. Scream
5. The People vs. Larry Flynt
6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
7. Beautiful Thing
8. William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet
9. Sling Blade
10. Bound

DIR: Minghella- English Patient (Forman- People vs. Larry Flynt)
ACTOR: Macy- Fargo (Rush- Shine)
ACTRESS: McDormand- Fargo (Watson- Breaking the Waves)
SUPP. ACTOR: Norton- People vs. Larry Flynt (Buscemi- Fargo)
SUPP. ACTRESS: Binoche- English Patient
(Barrymore- Scream, Love- People vs. Larry Flynt)
A. SCREENPLAY: People vs. Larry Flynt (English Patient)
O. SCREENPLAY: Fargo (Scream)
CIN: English Patient (Fargo)
SCORE: English Patient (Scream)

Robert said...

one word for ya....


Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor

and Emily Watson takes Best Actress said...

You need to see Lone Star for sure. Michael Collins, Walking and Talking, and Sling Blade are definitely worth seeing, but your life doesn't depend upon it.

Is Dead Man a 96 movie? or 95?


English Patient
Romeo + Juliet
Dead Man
Jerry Maguire
Lone Star
James and the Giant Peach
Looking for Richard


Ralph Fiennes
Tom Cruise
Ewan McGregor
Johnny Depp
Woody Harrelson


Kristin Scott Thomas
Frances McDormand
Emily Watson
Kate Winslet
Jennifer Tilly

supporting actress:

Renee Zellweger (despite what she's become)
Holly Hunter (Crash)
Elizabeth Pena (Lone Star)
Drew Barrymore (Scream)
Natalie Portman (Beautiful Girls)

supporting actor:

William H.Macy
Edward Norton
Joey Pantoliano (Bound)
Cuba Gooding Jr. (despite what he's become)
Harold Perrineau (Romeo + JUliet)

Chris Na Taraja said...

Welcome to the Dollhouse! Oh, that last scene where she is singing on the bus makes me laugh and cry. it's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Best Picture
1) Evita
2) Scream
3) Breaking the Waves
4) The Portrait of the Lady
5) Romeo + Juliet

finalists: The English Patient, Michael Collins, Ridicule

Best Actor
1) Leonardo DiCaprio - Romeo+Juliet
2) Tom Cruise - Jerry Maguire
3) Liam Neeson - Michael Collins
4) Ralph Fiennes - The English Patient
5) Ewan McGregor - Trainspotting

finalists: Daniel Auteil (Les Vouleurs) - Vince Vaughn (Swingers) - Vincent D'Onofrio (The Whole Wide World)

Best Actress
1) Madonna - Evita
2) Emily Watson - Breaking the Waves
3) Kristin Scott-Thomas (The English Patient)
4) Brenda Blethyn (Secrets and Lies)
5) Courtney Love - The People vs. Larry Flynt

finalists: Claire Danes (Romeo+Juliet) - Neve Campbell (Scream) - Fanny Ardant (Ridicule) - Frances McDormand (Fargo) - Gwyneth Paltrow (Emma)

Best Supporting Actor
1) Edward Norton (Primal Fear)
2) Benicio Del Toro (Basquiat)
3) Chris Penn (The Funeral)
4) Samuel L. Jackson (A Time to Kill)
5) Paul Scofield (The Crucible)

finalists: Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire - Stephen Dorff (I shot Andy Warhol) - John Gielgud (Shine)

Best Supportin Actress
1) Kristin Scott-Thomas (Angels and Insects)
2) Juliette Binoche (The English Patient)
3) Joan Allen (The Crucible)
4) Lauren Bacall (The Mirror has Two Faces)
5) Barbara Hershey (The Portrait of the Lady)

finalists: Renee Zellweger (Jerry Maguire) - Elizabeth Pena (Lone Star) - Alice Krige (First Contact)


adam k. said...

Yay, Alice Krige! I forgot how good she was in First Contact. I was of course a die-hard trekkie (and hence biased for her) back then, but I bet that performance would hold up for me even now.

Anonymous said...

secrets & lies is the best film of '96 hands down. Jean Baptiste was robbed.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

i need to see more from this year. Everyone Says I Love You, though, is my second favorite film of all time, so i've already decided that that is my pick for Best Picture and Best Director. and The Birdcage deserved more love--what an incredible cast. if i had to make a roster...

Picture: The Birdcage, Everyone Says I Love You (winner), Fargo, Lone Star, Mars Attacks!

Actor: Chris Cooper in Lone Star, Nathan Lane in The Birdcage (winner), William H. Macy in Fargo, Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting, Robin Williams in The Birdcage

Actress: Glenn Close in 101 Dalmatians, Frances McDormand in Fargo (winner), Bette Midler in The First Wives Club...that's seriously all the lead actresses from that year that i've seen.

S. Actor: Steve Buscemi in Fargo, Gene Hackman in The Birdcage, John Leguizamo in Romeo+Juliet, Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks! (winner - i'm a Jack fiend, what can i say?), Tim Roth in Everyone Says I Love You

S. Actress: Annette Bening in Mars Attacks!, Goldie Hawn in Everyone Says I Love You (winner, if just for that final dance), Kelly Macdonald in Trainspotting, Elizabeth Pena in Lone Star, Dianne Wiest in The Birdcage

Karen said...

Some of my favorites are already on there: Romeo + Juliet, One Fine Day, such goodies they are. :)

Cinesnatch said...

Sweetie, darling, Brenda Blythn.


walter --i'm crazy about the final sequence in EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU too.

as for first wives club... my favorite moment aside from the musical moment (so predictable of me) is probably Goldie Hawn's Golden Globe freakout "that's sacred it's a golden globe" HEE

Anonymous said...

was courntey love lead or support i know how funny you can be nat.

my acting noms

day lewis

scott thomas

gooding jnr
mueller stahl


The Pretentious Know it All said...

Victoire Thivisol for Best Actress for Ponette.

Scott said...

As to the unexpected selections, I really love the mentions here of Noah Taylor for Shine and Alice Krige for First Contact. And given just how big Matt Damon became it is curious few ever refer to his performance in Courage Under Fire.

Anonymous said...

Please. be fair and give Drew Barrymore the best supporting actress award for her astonishing, brilliant and frightening turn in Scream.


- cal roth

MichaelMcl said...

Best Original Score (hey, someone's got to have an opinion)

- Wojciech Kilar - PORTRAIT OF A LADY
- Alexandre Desplat - UN HEROS TRES DISCRET (the second film he did for Audiard - more recently they did READ MY LIPS and THE BEAT MY HEART SKIPPED)
- Elliot Goldenthal - MICHAEL COLLINS (actually nominated)
- Basil Poledouris - IT'S MY PARTY (haunting solo piano score from a master of melody)
- Danny Elfman - MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (in this genre, this score has come to be regarded as a treasure)

Special mention also to Patrick Doyle's HAMLET (which kills moments, but elevates the film elsewhere), Goldenthal's A TIME TO KILL, and John Williams' SLEEPERS.

Best Musical Moment

- Nicole Kidman (Isabel Archer), on a bed between three men - Viggo Mortensen, Richard E Grant and Martin Donovan. Kilar's swooning 'Phantasm of Love' has not left my head despite only seeing the scene once eleven years ago.
- The computer break-in sequence from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (Danny Elfman)

Anonymous said...

Hamlet. You haven't seen Hamlet. The only unabridged Hamlet. The best adaptation of Hamlet. The best adaptation of Shakespeare, full stop. With your Kate Winslet as Ophelia. With an Oscar nomination for costume design. You like the play enough to watch Hamlet 2 from the maker of Nancy Drew, but you missed the real deal as seen by Kenneth Branagh.


No prizes for guessing what my favourite movie of 1996 is. :P

Anonymous said...

Of those you missed, I'd watch Hamlet. Kenneth Branagh (whatever happened with his career?), Kate Winslet, Julie Christie, Derek Jacobi, John Gielgud, Judi Dench, Jack Lemmon... and Shakespeare. I think it's the Shakespeare with the right amount of cinematical spectacularity (?) to make it a valuable movie by itself, independently from the play, and just right before you become Baz Luhrman.

It's worth a try, at least.



the know nothing -- i count Thivisol and PONETTE as 1997 (when the movie opened in the states) and yes, she did make my best actress list. Silver Medalist in fact.

notluke -- you have to remember that this was before i was writing about movies. I wasn't as much of a completist back then ;)

Anonymous said...

No problem. Just see it some time. :)

Anyway, even leaving my unhealthy obsession with the film aside - I believe I would literally nominate Hamlet for everything except visual effects, original screenplay and maybe ladies' acting categories (Christie was good but not great, Winslet was better than that, but I couldn't stop comparing her to HBC who nailed the role completely just a few years before)...

...even leaving that one lock aside, 1996 was a strong year. If I was forced to make a ballot now, I guess I would make English Patient, Fargo, Scream and Trainspotting the remaining four. But on another day Microcosmos, Ransom (sorry, Howard haters) or A Time to Kill could have gotten in. Heck, this is the only year I, unashamed Bard's fan, could with no shame go all Shakespeare: Looking for Richard, Richard III (technically 1995 but did get most of its awards only next season), Romeo+Juliet, Twelfth Night. And that's not counting films I haven't seen, both on and outside the Nathaniel's list.

Acting categories might go something like this (and I am sure some non-English performances would deserve a couple of spots but my head hurts already):

Actor: Kenneth Branagh - Hamlet, Ralph Fiennes - The English Patient, Ewan McGregor - Trainspotting, Eddie Murphy - The Nutty Professor (it now represents everything that went wrong with Murphy's career, but it was a great performance(s), lowest common denominator humor notwithstanding), Geoffrey Rush - Shine

Actress: Neve Campbell - Scream, Claire Danes - Romeo+Juliet, Frances McDormand - Fargo, Julia Roberts - Mary Reilly, Kristin Scott Thomas - The English Patient

Supporting Actor: Nicholas Farrell - Hamlet, Derek Jacobi - Hamlet, Samuel L. Jackson - A Time to Kill, Harold Perrineau - Romeo+Juliet, Robin Williams - Hamlet

Supporting Actress: Drew Barrymore - Scream, Helena Bonham-Carter - Twelfth Night, Glenn Close - 101 Dalmatians, Shirley MacLaine - Mrs Winterbourne, Kate Winslet - Hamlet

And yes, eight nominations for acting in Bard's films is strange even for me. I guess I should run a separate Shakespearan awards, at least in 1996, beacuse I regret not having at least 3 more (Briers in Hamlet, Stubbs and Kingsley in Twelfth Night). An awesome year for Shakespeare adaptations, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I still think Perrineau was a lame choice for Mercutio. its really hard to go over the top on such an over the top character but i think he managed it. one thing that i love so much about mercutio (which may well just be my interpretation) is that aside from his hilarious flamboyance and entertainment value, is that he's just a super cool cat. i always felt like mercutio had these bursts of kinetic energy that were fucking crazy and then hed just chill like the dude. i think in luhrman's R+J he almost becomes one-note

Anonymous said...

I suppose thats as much luhrman's failing, in my eyes, as it was Perrineaus, but hey, i wouldve liked another interpretation altogether

Anonymous said...

Amen to Allen for Best Supporting Actress. She transcends an otherwise disappointing film adaptation of an American stage classic. IMO, her all-time best performance.

Anonymous said...

Best Picture:

1. Secrets and Lies
2. The People vs Larry Flynt
3. Trainspotting
4. Fargo
5. Bottle Rocket

Best Actor:

1. Woody Harrelson-The People vs Larry Flynt
2. Timothy Spall-Secrets and Lies
3. Noah Taylor-Shine (definitely co-lead, in fact, if either of them is supporting, its Rush)
4. Jim Carrey-The Cable Guy
5. Geoffrey Rush-Shine

Best Actress:

1. Emily Watson-Breaking the Waves
2. Brenda Blethyn-Secrets and Lies
3. Madonna-Evita
4. Frances McDormand-Fargo
5. Courtney Love-The People vs Larry Flynt

Best Supporting Actor:

1. Edward Norton-Primal Fear
2. Steve Buscemi-Fargo
3. Sam Jackson-A Time to Kill
4. Stellan Skarsgaard-Breaking the Waves
5. Willem Dafoe-The English Patient

Best Supporting Actress:

1. Juliette Binoche-The English Patient
2. Kelly MacDonald-Trainspotting
3. Marianne Jean-Baptiste-Secrets and Lies
4. Phyllis Logan-Secrets and Lies
5. Whoopi Goldberg-Ghosts of Mississippi

Anonymous said...

For your consideration:

Best Picture
Antonia (from the Netherlands)
The Crucible
The English Patient
Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh's)

Best Direction
Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet)
Scott Hicks (Shine)
Nicolas Hytner (The Crucible)
Anthony Minghella (The English Patient)

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet)
Daniel Day-Lewis (The Crucible)
Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient)
Liam Neeson (Michael Colins)
Geoffrey Rush (Shine)

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Brenda Blethyn (Secrets and Lies)
Diane Keaton (Marvin's Room)
Winona Ryder (The Crucible)
Meryl Streep (Marvin's Room)
Kristin Scott Thomas (The English Patient)
Emily Watson (Breaking the Waves)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Joan Allen (The Crucible)
Lauren Bacall (The Mirror Has Two Faces)
Juliette Binoche (The English Patient)
Barbara Hershey (Portrait of a Lady)
Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Secrets and Lies)
Kate Winslet (Hamlet)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Nigel Hawthorne (Twelfth Night: Or What You Will)
Derek Jacobi (Hamlet)
Nathan Lane (The Birdcage)
Armin Mueller-Stahl (Shine)
Edward Norton (Primal Fear)
Alan Rickman (Michael Collins)
Paul Scofield (The Crucible)

Adapted Screenplay
The Crucible
The English Patient
Marvin's Room

Original Screenplay
Breaking the Waves
Everyone Says I Love You
Jerry Maguire
Land and Freedom
The People Vs. Larry Flynt
Secrets and Lies

The English Patient
Michael Collins
Moll Flanders
Portrait of a Lady
White Squall

Courage Under Fire
The English Patient
Looking for Richard
Romeo and Juliet

Original Score
The English Patient
Michael Collins

Evita - You Must Love Me
The Mirror Has Two Faces - I Finally Found Someone
One Fine Day - For The First Time
That Thing You Do! - That Thing You Do!

Art Direction
The English Patient

Angels and Insects
The English Patient
Portrait of a Lady

The English Patient
Marvin's Room

Visual Effects
Independence Day
Mars Attacks!

Courage Under Fire
The English Patient
Independence Day
Mission Impossible
The Rock
The Nutty Professor
Up Close and Personal - Because You Loved Me

Sound Effects
Courage Under Fire
Indenpendence Day

Marcelo - Brazil.

Anonymous said...

The song from Up Close and Personal is in the wrong place.

Is it a message? ;-)


Anonymous said...

There are two supporting actresses that I think have been MOST overlooked.

Cuba was the hype, Tom was the head, and Renee was the heart, but the SOUL of Jerry Maguire laid firmly in the more than capable hands of Regina King. While Renee had to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Cruise and a brilliant Bonnie Hunt, King's best scene came on the PHONE. Tell me you aren't moved when Gooding's hammy wide receiver is hurt and King's full grasp of the material is on screen.

The other ignored momma was Linda Henry in Beautiful Things. The woman was an emotional rollercoaster with every scene and she played it hard without being heavy handed.

I hope people will give both of those supporting turns another viewing.

Anonymous said...

My favourites:

Best Picture - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Best Actor - Ralph Fiennes - The English Patient
Best Actress - Kristin Scott-Thomas - The English Patient (also Robin Wright Penn in Moll Flanders & Bette Midler in First Wives Club did a great performance)
Best Supporting Actor - Colin Firth - The English patient
Best Supporting Actress:
Has Three Favourite
- Juliette Binoche - The English Patient
- Sarah Jessica Parker - The First Wives Club
- Stockard Channing - Moll Flanders