Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red Carpet Rendezvous

Little known fact: Marisa Tomei is planning to play Mrs . Roper next. I have nothing to say about Deborah Harry but we were just talking about her so why not include? You know what Diane Keaton needs to do next? A meaty dramatic role like she had in Reds or Mrs Soffel -- but oh right ... Nobody remembers how strong she is in dramas, including maybe Diane herself. Winona Ryder was hospitalized for a mysterious illness this week . Here we go again. I mean this next statement in the nicest least snarky way I could mean it. I honestly thought that Natasha Lyonne was dead. So this year hasn't been as big for Elizabeth Banks as we all were thinking, has it? Still, she looks fab. So does my fab Mad Men cast member Christina Hendricks Yumyum. Is Hollywood going to pounce on her? At the very least, can't they throw her some supporting work in period pieces.


Anonymous said...

I had undying love for Diane Keaton
then I saw Because I said So and Mad died!

Cinesnatch said...

I considerd being Mrs. Roper for Halloween. Had I raided Tomei's closet, I may have carried through with the plan.

Cinesnatch said...

Oh Winona. I always thought she was good, but limited actres who made cool films in her teens/early 20's. And, then, when she started working on projects that one could almost say she probably thought were "beneath her," I started to see a woman who could actually act. She was great in her S1m0ne cameo. I just watched the Mr. Deeds remake and she doe some really sound work. And, then, of course, she turned 30 and went batshit crazy. Well, her 30's haven't been great for her career and perhaps turning 40 is going to be even more traumatizing considering she hasn't been able to get the wind back underneath her sail. Wow, how "the voice of a generation" lost her way. It's hard to believe she was once more sought after than any of her peers.

Sally Belle said...

I just watched Little Women late last night...I miss Winona!

I agree about S1mone in particular...I thought her cameo was brilliant!

Vinci, practically everyone in Hollywood is batshit crazy in one way or another. Did she get any worse then Robert Downey Jr. for example?

But, alas...few Women can survive bad behavior in this town. Angelina is an exception to the rule, because men still want to fuck her, even after the Billy Bob foolishness, playing with knives, blood vials around the neck, the tattoos,and the Morticia Adams at the Oscars. Oh, and the heroin.

Women are treated as a dime a dozen in this town, and it's easy to get kicked out if you are not towing the Hollywood starlet line.

Deborah said...

Christina looks dowdy compared to her usual knock-out self.

I love Diane Keaton. I am that rare person who absolutely adored The Family Stone. She was so textured and real in that. And she was wonderful in Something's Gotta Give. She again was so rich and full-bodied.

I think she's probably grateful to be working at all, how we treat older actresses.

Anonymous said...

I thought Winona ruined Little Women.

I thought that perhaps one of the greatest achievements in film history was that scene in Bram Stoker's Dracula on the bed at the end, that struggle between Winona and Gary Oldman, where Coppola somehow made the acting look plausibly balanced.

Winona is fine when she is playing contemporary women her own age.

Age of Innocence? Hated her. I could not bear to see, and so I did not see, the Crucible.


Anonymous said...

I love Diane Keaton too....she is my favorite. i wish she were in "doubt." sans the make-up, mean, confrontational.

Anonymous said...

i had keaton in mind for doubt too i just felt this is her role,i feel winona will comeback in her 40's with a juicy role as for the family stone itoo thought keaton was great esp her dinner table scene with her deaf son.

Cluster Funk said...

What to say about Tomei? I'll say this much: Have always been quite fond of her -- charming in the otherwise schmaltzy (minus Rosie Perez) 'Untamed Heart', warm and wonderful in 'Only You' (an underrated gem) -- but damn it if she wasn't a diva-bitch during her publicity tour for 'The Wrestler' earlier this week.

Such a shame (and foolish). Don't celebs KNOW that word gets around when they don't mind their manners? Plus, being polite costs nothing and pays big PR dividends. Marisa seemed genuinely sweet on Nat's podcast, too. :-(

Cluster Funk said...

P.S. Re: Elizabeth Banks -- Wasn't 2003 supposed to be her breakthrough year?!