Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Linking As Fast As I Can

The Advocate interviews the great Cherry Jones (on Meryl in Doubt, her new role on 24, kissing Sarah Paulson and more)
In Contention re: doc Oscar hopefuls
Valley Dreamin'
a 2nd "Endings" 'Thon
The Big Picture more divisive drama for Benjamin Button -it's a week old but I rest my case: This movie wins "Weirdest Foreplay Award" for '08. (Narrowly defeating The Reader)
StinkyLulu Susannah York in They Shoot Horses Don't They? --I love that turn but the whole movie is the bee's knees
Pop Seoul on the trailer to Frozen Flower. I'm imagining the Hollywood pitch: "Curse of the Golden Flower meets Brokeback Mountain. Wire action and man sex!"
Slate why movie vampires always break the vampiric "rules"
Vulture Twilight. 28 reasons why the movie is better. Funny piece --- though that still doesn't mean the movie is any good.
Humanizing The Vacuum a few insightful bits on Rachel Getting Married

And I couldn't not share this youtube video of Gloria Swanson (thx) talking about the lion's bride sequence in Male and Female (1919). They had faces then, indeed. And hot bestial fantasies as well apparently.

Off Cinema
Mighty God King Snoopy has a video game
Queerty Melissa Etheridge is excited to keep her tax money now that she's a second class citizen
Popnography Cheyenne Jackson to star in a Broadway musical from the South Park guys
Joe.My.God shares some charts on anti-gay laws in the States... in case anybody tells you the gays complain too much, here's the rebuttal


Anonymous said...

that benjamin button article is old. thats about the first showing that went awry

Guy Lodge said...

As ever, thanks for the linkage, Nat.


casey f --oof. ah well, my point remains.

Anonymous said...

you are very correct. and to that point honeycutt at the hollywood reporter just published the first rave without reservations. i know you love brad as much as i do so i think you'll be happy to here that honeycutt thinks its his best work to date. i highly doubt its better than tyler durden but none the less, im pumped

Hayden said...

Your apple picture is quite seductive.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Thanks for the Gloria Swansen clip. "I suppose danger is always this way" love it.