Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Curious Links of Nathaniel R

Today and Tomorrow check out this cool pie chart of Sofia Coppola films. I love it
ModFab thinks Benjamin Button is, well, "curious"
Awards Daily My god. I'd totally forgotten that most FYC campaigns are well under way.
Defamer horrors! Mariah Carey could be up for an Oscar this year
Boy Culture I'm with Matthew here. Director Bill Condon (talking about Prop 8) just dropped a notch in my book.
The Bad and Ugly "Old Man Notices Eliza Dushku" (hee)
Everything I Know... Broadway's money grubbing Young Frankenstein is closing soon. That won't stop the cynical movie-to-stage transferring
The Big Picture loves Benjamin Button's David Fincher even though he's cold blooded
LA Times on marketing Milk
Scanners on Altman's Nashville. I never tire of reading about this movie
The Cinematic Art, speaking of Robert Altman, looks at Rachel Getting Married through that prism

And here's the trailer to Tony Gilroy's Michael Clayton follow up Duplicity which reteams Closer's vicious spouses Julia Roberts and Clive Owen.

I had no idea he'd go comic for his sophomore effort.


Anonymous said...

julie roberts whom i adored once leaves me cold,she is picking movies that do not play to her strengths and who did her hair and make up awful,clive owen should run the wother way.

Dominique said...

I watched the trailer and thought to myself: "Ooh, that could be neat. Clive Owen and Julia Roberts make a nice looking team."

How did I completely forget they were BOTH in Closer? Oh right, because Clive blew Julia right out of the water...

NicksFlickPicks said...

Mariah and Sean getting Oscars on the same night? That's my new platform. I need a seat-filling gig now.

Anonymous said...

The possible performers/nominees for best song fill me with dread, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus and the the annoying bunch from the High School Musical films...They should n't be at the Academy Awards, an event meant to recognise achievement and the very best in the film industry, it'd be like two vastly different worlds colliding.

Anonymous said...

The Dark Knight fighting for Best Actor spot? I did love the film (despite its flaws), but that's a bit too much.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were a fan of Nashville.
It is an incessantly fascinating film.

Which member of the cast's performance is your favorite? Mine is Lily Tomlin's. Her face when Keith Carradine is singing is both heart-breaking, and sort of heart-enlivening at the same time.

It's one of the greatest contributions to American film ever.

Glenn said...

Bruce Springsteen > Miley Cyrus/Mariah Carey/etc and I'm fairly certain even the Academy knows that.

In reply to mrripley, I actually think Roberts looks quite lovely in that trailer (both in the looks department and in her performance). To each their own, I suppose.

lawyer tony fernando said...

Julia looks like 90´s Julia again in this trailer, the only thing is that I´m not sure if that´s a good thing for the material.


Sean -- Lily for me too followed closely by Ronee Blakley and Barbara Harris


yeah it does have the potential of being an I Love Trouble, right? and if so: OUCH

Anonymous said...

Roberts and Owen were brilliant together in "Closer". Brilliant. That was Roberts' best performance (tied with "Erin Brockovich").

gabrieloak said...

This movie would be so good if Clive were playing opposite someone other than Julia. I hope Julia winds up being hoodwinked at the end of this film a la Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair.