Sunday, November 02, 2008

I Link I Do

Thompson on Hollywood is Jon Hamm the next George Clooney? It's a great question
Goatdog Kate Hepburn in Morning Glory (1933)
Nick's Flick Picks is in London having an interesting time
Coming Soon Spider-Man 4 might get a Pulitzer'ed writer. Hopefully the acclaimed playwright won't be asked for a retread of the last three. It's time for a new emotional arc
Club Silencio highlights from the great Mad Men
Welcome to LA "still my idea of scary"
Hollywood Loves Broadway This Saturday, Catherine Zeta Jones hosts a benefit in California with a ton of stars doing show tunes (Hugh Jackman, James Marsden, Amy Adams and more. Wheeee)
Stale Popcorn gets angry about AFI's treatment of festival hit Three Blind Mice
i09 Four reasons why you need to be watching Pushing Daisies
In Contention chooses the ten best directors working in the English language
BBC News Magneto & Charles Xavier to star in Waiting for Godot


Anonymous said...

it does pain me to offer this titbit for your consumption look at this for all of you who don't believe that plastic surgery not only changes you but effects your ability to act convincingly acting in a period epic whilst sporting plastic surgery techniques pioneered decades afterwards,she is ruining my anticipation of her performance due to the things she did to her face if i close my eyes she may give a fine perf but when i open them and see meg ryan's sis looking back the pleasure effect wears off.

message nicole leave your god damn face alone!!!!

Erich Kuersten said...

Surgical addiction is an epidemic writ large upon our nation's screens. I had the same shudders of horror seeing Julia Roberts in Oceans Eleven.

Once these people get started they can't stop. The guys get it too, even tough guys like Mickey Rourke. It's a) a child-like fascination with being able to change your face, so each new operation or injection becomes an adventure, a gamble - and each time the pay off is less and the stakes keep rising.

Anonymous said...

julia roberts really i think she looks like old julia though who the hel does kidman look like certainly not older kidman - she is a fool and a liar i nmagazines telling us she isn't vain and that she likes natural beauty what a f***ing hypocrit i am beginning to really dislike her although australia looks good her stupid face spoils it p/surgery does not belong in outback australia!!!


you know. i'll wait to see the movie to judge whether or not Kidman can still act with her face. To me, the only truly noticeable thing is that she uses too much botox.

Stars have it rough, though. People object when they age naturally and people object when the age unnaturally... so it's easy to see why it's a temptation. Why not "tamper" when people will object either way?

Anonymous said...

sigourney weaver meryl streep & julianne moore are 3 actresses way past 45 who look great and still get work when i see those 3 on screen i never get that feeling of "she looks odd" ever the pfeiff succumbed but she looks gr8.