Saturday, November 29, 2008


my internet is where I want you to touch loves Slumdog's "throbbing" imagery
The House Next Door 5 for day: Mia Farrow
Film Essent Best Picture locks?
Victim of the Time a prize for Thandie Newton
DaddyCatcher I must have been asleep at the wheel? How had I not heard this Baz Luhrmann/Wicked thing [thx]
MTV Hugh Jackman on being 'the sexiest man alive' and those gay rumors
Berlinale Tom Tykwer's thriller The International will open Berlin
Antagony & Ecstacy has some words for the outrageous anti-feminism of Twilight
i09 further proof that The Dark Knight caused a loss of public sanity earlier this year -- a man left his 2 year-old in a locked car while he watched it. In Utah, natch


Anonymous said...

It's Tykwer. ;)

Anonymous said...

When a guy has to prove his sexuality with lame anecdotes, you know he's not 100% straight.

That's ok, if Angelina can tell babwa Walters she had sex with a woman, sure Jackman can do the same

Deborah said...

Just yesterday my sister and I were going round and round on the Hughisgaynohe'snot thing.

Glenn Dunks said...

Baz Luhrmann directing Wicked..? hmmm.

Dominique said...

Oh. My. God. Wicked. Movie. Baz. Luhrmann.

My imagination just had an orgasm.

(Of course, if Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth do not reprise their roles, my enthusiasm for this project goes out the window.)

Antonio Cuesta said...

Well, Hugh was The Boy From Oz. What could you expect? :D

Nah, I'm joking. I'm sad cause the SEXIEST MAN OF THE YEAR "can't" be GAY, or at least they don't choose a gay man.


I highly doubt they'd let Kristin and Idina near the set. This is Hollywood we're talking about and they'd rather cast non singers in musicals in order to get A list film stars.

Plus: though Idina and Kristin aren't really too old for the roles given that it's a fantasy and they'd be heavily costumed and made up they aren't young either by Hollywood standards. Idina is the same age now (37) as Margaret Hamilton was when Wizard of Oz came out. Kristin @ 40 is still younger than Billie Burke though who was 54 as "Glinda")

Dominique said...

Holy shit, Kristin Chenoweth is 40?

PS I know you're right Nathaniel, but for the moment I choose to plug my ears and sing....

Laaa! La! Laaaaa! La! We're gonna make you popular!