Saturday, November 01, 2008

She's Got Bette Davis Size

Imagine risking comparison to Bette Davis. Just go ahead and imagine it. ZOINKS! Scary stuff, right? It'd take an actress of significant theatrical heft, self-satisfied chutzpah, and A list poise to do so. I guess it would take... The Bening.

from today's NY Times Arts section

She'll be playing Davis' signature role, theatrical grand dame "Margo Channing", in All About Eve next Monday right here in NYC. $1500 for a good seat, eh? Oh, to run with the deep pocketed arts loving crowd --or sit with them rather. Even if you don't jones for The Bening the way I do, the ticket also brings you her American Beauty sausage Peter Gallagher, Oscar & TONY winner Joel Grey, the legendary Angela Lansbury, Sex & The City's Cynthia Nixon and silver fox John Slattery (Mad Men) among others. What's not to fork over $1500 for? If you carry that kind of cash.

I doubt that I've seen enough classic films in my lifetime to do justice to a "best screenplays ever" type of list but if one were to be drawn up, All About Eve's would rank quite highly. The sharpness, wit and steel of those words ... don't you just love?


Catherine said... What I would give to be there! I'm half horrified, half in awe of their sheer chutzpah. All About Eve will remain dear to me forever, it was the first 'classic' film I saw that I really clicked with. Love it to pieces.

Hayden said...


Anonymous said...


- cal roth

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

Irrespective of how many classic films you've seen - if you've seen any, All About Eve ought to rank in your Top 10 scripts.

That said, you need to see more classic films!!

And like everyone who suffers from diva worship (which is more or less your readership, yeah?), I'm dying to see this reading.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I would love to see the play. But the ticket prices are really over the top.
The play might be good and Annette Bening is absolutely amazing but it can never hold up to the film anyway.
It is an absolute classic and one of my favorite films of all time!
Plus who needs that kind of a star cast?


well it's a benefit. They're always star studded and $$$$

by necessity of course

Anonymous said...

typical elite democrats - tickets prices so high only republicans can go. so much for "change."

Chris Na Taraja said...

Fasten your seat belts! It's going to be an expensive ride!!!

Billy D said...

My God...I'm seriously contemplating maxing out the credit cards to get to this---please please please let them film it! Cynthia Nixon and Anette on the same stage? Fireworks!


well, there's always the cheap seats. but for a reading that might be really weird. nothing much to look at :(

adam k. said...

Does Cynthia Nixon play Eve?

I hope all that money goes to a good charity. $1500?? Yikes.