Friday, November 07, 2008

Teardrop Pie?

I can't find any official notice online but a little birdie who knows behind the scenes crew on Pushing Daisies told me it was cancelled last night. It's only hearsay but I might be needing a delivery of one of Chuck's famous anti-depressive enhanced pies later today. Update: Neither cancelled nor picked up yet for more episodes to complete that season 2. My birdie was sharing set jitters apparently. That's what people think is happening.

I'm dying here. Please ABC... don't throw this away for a new show that won't have half of Daisies awards pull or audience loyalty.


Jason Adams said...


abstew said...

say it ain't so?!?
why is that creative, quirky, shows like this get cancelled so soon and mindless blue-collar shows like ACCORDING TO JIM run for years.
i think i just answered my own question...

Robert said...

Why exactly does Brian Fuller keep trying network TV?

The old belief that network TV will get your show exposed to a large audience is outdated. These days if your show is good, it'll get cancelled quickly.

With cable and the internet growing bigger every day, broadcast TV will be dead in 5 years.

mB said...

:O :'(


robert -- i'd ask the same thing to Joss Whedon. I'll never understand why show creators with truly original voices don't seek cable first and foremost. maybe it's a matter of opportunities but i can't see why Showtime or HBO wouldn't want Fuller or Whedon to develop something challenging & special for them.

Many of the most beloved cable shows would never have survived more than 2 seasons on the networks --let alone a first. Think what kind of "notes" Sex & the City or Six Feet Under would have gotten?

but i'm hoping this tidbit was just an assumption and not the actual truth.

Robert said...

I wish I could get really fired up about this. I love Pushing Daisies, but I always assumed it would be cancelled.

I think I'm just exhausted after
Dead Like Me
Freaks and Geeks
Sports Night
The Job
and Arrested Development

I also expect my current favorite show The Riches to be cancelled soon.

Meanwhile there are a few good shows that I know I should be watching (Mad Men, 30 Rock, The Office) yet I just don't have the energy for TV anymore.


The Riches was already cancelled my friend

Anonymous said...


Robert said...

Damn... well I now would otherwise be feeling pain in that black hole where my hope used to be (note: pertains to TV hope only, political hope still intact).

Is it too late to say "called it?"

J.D. said...





Anonymous said...

That really sucks. Now all we can do is hope they still have time to wrap the show up properly. *sigh*

Agustin said...

this really really really sucks
i watched Pushing Daisies for the first time last night and i loved it,
this can't be happening
the same night i watch it for the first time it gets cancelled. this is a really sick joke.

Anonymous said...

I used to watch that show, but It got boring to me after awhile. I don't even remember when it comes on anymore.

Anonymous said...

I am sad to say that Pushing Daisies is officially cancelled. I am so mad right now. TV has just lost a good show today. Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone are cancelled as well.