Sunday, November 09, 2008

Links; Or, Up with Blog People

Wired David Lynch's upcoming web series
Sunday Telegraph Australia test screening / editing changes *SPOILERS*
Quiet Earth Terminator: Salvation featurette
Marie Claire Jennifer Connelly turned on
Rough Type
evolution of the blogosphere
/ Film on the Splatter art exhibition in London (on the impossibility of death in cartoons)
Lou Lumenick an unfortunate target of the Prop 8 fallout and Mormon Boycott: the Sundance Film Festival
Guardian What happened to the action star? James McAvoy, The Rock, Jason Statham discussed
The Evening Class interviews Arnaud Desplechin as A Christmas Tale approaches opening weekend in the States
Say What!? Richard Dreyfuss gets all honest on The View in regards to W.

And finally, Nathan Lee has a review of Bruce LaBruce's zombie picture Otto; Or Up with Dead People up @ the New York Times kicking off like so...
The filmmaker Bruce LaBruce has been making scrappy, bratty, intermittently hilarious and generally haphazard low-budget movies since the early 1990s, most of which have a sarcastic political edge and all of which feature really hot guys getting it on with pornographic gusto.
And as my friend Boyd remarks "As one-paragraph descriptions of La Bruce's career go, this one is unlikely to be, erm, topped". Well quipped, Boyd, well quipped.


PPO-10 said...

I always considered Lumenick part of the NYPo neo-con machine. I'm to be forgiven for thinking that, right? After all, he gave "Brokeback Mountain" only three stars! Nice to see he's not a giant intolerant boob like 92% of that tabloid.


yeah, i sometimes wonder how NYT stays so blue when all these conservative papers are what you see people reading on the subways. I wonder why it never quite sinks in, brainwashing wise, (but thank god it doesn't)

James Hansen said...

Hadn't heard about this Lynch series, but if its based on CATCHING THE BIG FISH I don't know how good it will be. Probably just more discussion on why transcendental meditation is awesome. Hopefully its got something to it though...I'm rarely (ok...never) disappointed by Lynch.

The Nathan Lee paragraph goes to show why he is the best critic in the city and why I miss his less censored, longer pieces when he was at the Voice. Yes yes yes yes yes.

Anonymous said...

Something odd just occurred to me: there was a film last year which was also constantly re-edited and re-filmed due to studio interference, also went ridiculously overbudget, also looked beautiful, and also had Nicole Kidman, an actress who at this point seems to be anything but a draw and nowadays actually loathed quite a bit by some. It's a strange connection, sure, but is Australia going to be this year's Golden Compass: visually impressive but ultimately messed around with too much to live up to its full potential?


eeek --- i'm not questioning your comparison but don't put the reasonable fear in me wee noggin!

Anonymous said...

Hell, they both even happened to have their trailers put in front of the last action blockbuster released in May (Compass trailer premiered in front of Pirates 3, Australia premiered in front of Crystal Skull).

Anonymous said...

Ok, so clicked on the Australia link wanting to browse through maybe the first paragraph or two, wary of spoilers but then realized all of the major article points were listed at the very top. Which is fine, but regarding the "spoiler" al l have to say is that I wish Baz wouldn't have changed it. Whether he was forced to or not I don't know, but I'm wary of the ending now.

Anyone else?


i'm wary about it too since the change sounds about as major as you can get. ah well. wait and see.

Catherine said...

I'm studiously avoiding clinking on that link, 'cause I don't want to know anything about Australia before it opens. Like, I know who's in it and that it's set Down Under (well, Duh!) but apart from that....LALALALA.


good choice catherine. some people care about spoilers and some don't (which is why i included the link) but i myself wish that I had not read the article.

Anonymous said...

I saw Otto at the Berlin film festival this year and although everybody in the cinema seemed to love it, I have to say it was just too pointless for me. People seem to watch this film just because Bruce LaBruce is a legend in this Genre.
Bruce was there and got standing ovations for a film that is just plain bad.
Surely he must have more money now then when he started and could make higher budget films.
Even though I tried really hard to like it, I just couldn't:(

Michael Guillen said...

Thank you very much, Nathaniel, for the tip of the hat.

Anonymous said...

Geez, PPO-10, I didn't even review "Brokeback Mountain.'' Kyle Smith did.