Sunday, November 30, 2008

November. It's A Wrap

November has been oddly S-T-R-E-S-S-f-u-l what with the joyous election, the Prop 8 nightmare, and the sudden emergence of most of the Oscar hopefuls (at least as far as critics screenings go. You still have to wait because Hollywood hates you and they're into clusterf***ing) But just in case you've just gotten back from a long offline vacation --there's no other reasons to have missed anything, right? -- here are ten highlights from the second to last month of the year [gulp]. 2008 is nearly wrapped.

Lady Sarah Ashley & Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler

Australia review Baz buzz
Reason #37 Why I don't go to the Angelika Theater
Podcast Three new episodes in one month? I rock (pssst. another one tomorrow)
"Best Pictures From The Outside In" -Season one. And Gone With the Wind makes 12. Only 28 more episodes to go
Revolutionary Road "7 Word Movie Review" yes, I will say more than seven words. Soon.
Parker Posey on her 40th birthday
Naked Gold Man Swoons Oscar & the Romantic Epic
Velvet Goldmine 10th anniversary. Why it's better than its encore I'm Not There
Nine the musical's new cast and awards history
Tom Lenk an under appreciated comic talent

Coming in December...
Oscar season heats up with abundant precursor prizes including the start of my Dec/Jan 'Year in Review' madness (worst, best, weirdest, sexiest, curious and everything in between too).

Films we'll be discussing include:
Meet Me in St. Louis, Braveheart, Rebecca, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Dark Knight, Waltz With Bashir, WALL•E, Forrest Gump, How Green Was My Valley, Revolutionary Road and more... You know how crazy the holidays get. Get in the spirit right here


Anonymous said...

Ok, I missed the Angelika rant. The theatre sucks AND it is a stupid, demeaning job. The cupcakes get left in the fridge for DAYS until someone buys them. Plus the fact that they time the movies so that you're waiting in a line (actually more of a mob) until literally two minutes before the movie starts. And the security guard screams at you while you wait (while Julia Roberts was macking on her husband in the lobby waiting for their movie to start, he told them to stop, and I quote, because the Angelika is a "family establishment.")

Ugh. Never again.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, is anyone else surprised that Milk, playing in only 2 (?!) NYC theaters, is at the VILLAGE 7 instead of the Sunshine, or dare I say, the Angelika (same price, but the V7 takes the cake for shitty quality.) After Rachel Getting Married opened at the Regal Union Square, I'm surprised it didn't end up there either.

Anonymous said...

Ok 3, with Lincoln Plaza.