Monday, November 10, 2008

Whither Personal Effects?

Remember when everyone was surprised that Michelle Pfeiffer, the Michelle Pfeiffer, made a movie that went straight to DVD? The movie was I Could Never Be Your Woman. Generally 8 figure salaried movie stars are guaranteed theatrical release, even if it's only a lousy week on a tiny screen to meet contractual obligations. Straight to DVD tends to be more of a career bogeyman for the C list or the 'never quite A list and can't say 'no' ' type players.

But despite the improbability of doubled DVD disaster, could it be happening again? Personal Effects, a drama she recently made costarring Ashton Kutcher and helmed by novice feature director David Hollander has no US release date as of yet and no US distributor listed on IMBD. Plus, it's already advertised for a February DVD release in Germany. What the hell is going on?

It's impossible to know, prior to signing on the dotted line, if a movie in its eventual finished form will be a piece of crap or a masterpiece (or any gradation between) but one does begin to wonder why Pfeiffer, resurgent after a long hiatus with Hairspray, Stardust and the upcoming Cheri, agreed to star in another picture with an untested feature director and questionable distribution prospects. Especially since she doesn't work that often to begin with. Now, Hollander might be a find (who knows? we haven't seen the film) and if no stars took chances on novice talent the cinema would be a much poorer place --and if Pfeiffer never did she wouldn't have the Fabulous crown jewel of her filmography -- but I'm a pfan. I can't help but worry. I can't help but worry a lot.

To borrow from Rachel Maddow... "Talk Me Down" in the comments.

8 comments: said...

cheri will make things right. she'll be nominated and these two blips will be forgotten, because let's face it, everyone loves the pfeiff. (and if mickey rourke can comeback, there is no one who can't.)

these posters are the most uninspired i have ever seen. did the personal effects marketing team actually set out to imitate the i could never be your woman template? do people actually demand insipid posters from poster designers? what's up with that?

i digress, but am still reeling from the polish posters link a few months back, and in lament forthe squandered potential of an art form.

Anonymous said...

it is happening to a lot of once huge 90's actresses

winona ryder -sex and death 101 _ the darwin awards
demi moore -halfight
meg ryan - my moms new boyfriend
kim basinger - while she was out & elvis left the buiding
ckare danes - the flock
sharon stone - beautiful joe

lawyer tony fernando said...

WOW, that´s why you didn´t answer my e-mail NAT, you´re wondering about Michelle, the belle!

You´re forgiven!

Uncle Gustav said...

For what it's worth, I've seen I Could Never Be Your Women at least five times. A not-so guilty pleasure, I think it's pretty funny. And she looks fantastic in those tight jeans near the end.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is obviously being railroaded, I mean, this is getting insulting.

Billy Held An Oscar said...

If co-starring with Paul Rudd constitutes being railroaded then tell me what train I need to board !!

Anonymous said...

Someone posted on IMDB(i know, i know..) that the film company said they will release a new trailer and official poster sometime in 2009. But of course, we did hear all the same bullshit from Bauer Martinez about ICNBYW. I'd rather have this go straight to DVD and be forgotten about, than have it bomb at the box office and get slaughtered by the critics. I don't see how this movie could turn out to be good. The trailer that was leaked was HORRIBLE!

Anonymous said...

I adore LA Pfeiffer, so beutiful and talented. One of the most underated actresses ever..However, her choices over the past decade have been questionable.Come on, starring in a so called drama with Ashton Kutcher of all people. Alarm bells should have been ringing then.She also doesnt self promote enough. I know she is very private, but she does need to drum up some publicity. Cheri looks like a great comeback, I just hope it isnt released to early in 09 and she is forgotten when 2010 oscars come around. Again, I am a huge fan, but sometimes, the tough questions need to be asked.