Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Podcast: Rachel Getting Married Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2: Rachel Getting Married Special

When I interviewed screenwriter Jenny Lumet she claimed ignorance, blissful ignorance, when it came to the movie industry. While it's true that she grew up in a famous household (she calls legendary Lena Horne grandmother and one of Hollywood's most lauded filmmakers, Sidney Lumet, father) she didn't know the fine details of getting script to screen. She apparently didn't stop to question her instincts, didn't stop to worry that screenwriters aren't technically supposed to announce their choice of Oscar winning directors... and get him. Her directorial suggestion of Jonathan Demme (Married to the Mob, Silence of the Lambs, Something Wild), underlines what one can already hear in Rachel Getting Married's illuminating screenplay: this is a sharp perceptive woman.

Last week I also spoke with "Rachel" herself Rosemarie DeWitt, currently an Oscar hopeful for Best Supporting Actress, on her ascending career. We dish on Mad Men (she jokes that it's hard to make out with Jon Hamm week after week, poor thing), investigate why Cinderella Man was important to her, praise Anne Hathaway, and I geek out about Searching For Debra Winger (which I am prone to do -- I really should write about that documentary) when we come around to DeWitt sharing the screen with the elusive 80s icon.

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Oscar prediction updates are in progress -more later


Catherine said...

Wheee! You know what this means right? I'm dragging out the "ledge" again. ;)

Catherine said...

Oh, and re: Jenny Lumet, I love a woman who can just drop in a few f-bombs here and there.


omg. speaking of which Kate Winslet at the Q & A for Revolutionary Road hte other night: plentiful F bombs. That woman has a mouth on her.

Anonymous said...

I really love the fact that she talks as a normal person in front of the cameras. I mean, here in Greece, we say fuck all the time. I mean the exact english word. Why should english talking people pretend they don't say that "bad" word? You go Kate. :p


Ryan said...

I fucking love you. This is why The Film Experience kicks ass:

As a huge supporter of RACHEL GETTING MARRIED (and Demme, DeWitt, Winger) this interview was a delicious treat.

You rock!

Hayden said...

OMG I THOUGHT YOU WERE ONLY TALKING TO BILL IRWIN. I love you. This is like...amazing. This might just stay my Best Picture win all year. \

DeWitt was so lovely and charming and grounded Rachel Getting Married so perfectly. There aren't words. Gahhhhhh.

lawyer tony fernando said...

About to listen, but all I have to say is that

Huge Jackman and The Film Experience made me gay!


Huge Jackman. Even if that's a typo i love it.

Oh and also: can i get my toaster oven now?

Karen said...

Great interview with Jenny Lumet!

Anonymous said...

I think Anne hathaway is a seriously charming and talented actor. The film had a great story even if it has been written before.

I Hyped Rachel Getting Married on Everhype and gave it 89% which I think is fairly accurate.

*See Rachel Movie HYPE above

I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions on it . If you get on there, rate me a 5 & request friendship.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast!
I've been following Rosemarie DeWitt's career for 2 1/2 years and I'm so glad that she's finally getting the exposure she deserves!