Monday, November 24, 2008

Red Carpet Rendezvous

Okay... I know when you mention Twilight you're supposed to be panting exclusively about Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart but at the risk of losing every tween or soccer mom reader i may have *they do nothing for me*. However, it was fun to see Anna Kendrick back in high school again. Remember that choice Camp moment when she belted out "Ladies Who Lunch" Wicked funny that was. Worth a rental just for that scene! Maggie Cheung was coaxed out of retirement for filming on Tarantino's upcoming WW II epic. Hey however we get her back is fine. Even if it's only a cameo it's still something. Madonna attended a Gucci event in this grass skirt. It's the weirdest look for her since that time her eyes were mouths in the Bedtime Stories video

Unfortunately it's not as cool.

TANG WEI! I'm shouting because I was just so excited to see her. I know she's banned in China and all but somebody give this woman a follow up role. Did no one in the movie industry see Lust, Caution. It's like turning your nose up at gourmet food or lighting your money on fire. Do not let her go to waste. Nicole Kidman is tall.

Viola Davis is soon to be an Oscar nominee, thank God. I still smile thinking of how rich she made 2002 cinema even from the sidelines (Remember Antwone Fisher, Far From Heaven, Solaris?). And finally Faith the Vampire Slayer. I have been waiting a long time for her to be in something worthwhile (Tru Calling = awful) but after the cancellation of Pushing Daisies and all the production woes from the set of Dollhouse, I'm thinking it wasn't such a good idea for me to become interested in television again. I knew I should've quit it altogether when Sex & the City or Six Feet Under went off the air.


Unknown said...

"Oh save the speech, rummy. She's f***ed, I'm ready, and the goddamn show must go on. So let's get cracking, shall we?"

Love her character.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Nat, how did you get Chef Tom Colicio from Top Chef to pose as you eating an apple.

And do we expect anything less form Mad-Donna? Really?

Sally Belle said...

Yes, Nicole is above average height, and she's wearing heels....but those other women are short! Short, I tell you!


Chris the truth: i don't know whether to be flattered or horrified about Tom Colicio

Anonymous said...

Kidman is only above average ?

She's 5ft11 1/2

do you live in Amazonland ?


i believe average for women is 5'6" right?

Kidman is a smidge taller than I am.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Tom is sexy. Please be flattered.

Anonymous said...

That Madonna picture never fails to creep me out. God that face us scary!

Anonymous said...

Madonna's dress is.... not successful, to put it nicely. But her hair and makeup are to die for! :-*