Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Hey, weren't they supposed to be making a biopic about me?!?"

Debbie thinks it's a great idea but she'd really like an update.


abstew said...

i think she's screaming because someone told her kirsten dunst was supposed to play her.

Anonymous said...

Slight variation on theme here, but I always really find myself liking Deborah Harry as an actress. Don't think she's ever blown my mind on the big screen, but she's no thespian slouch, and I can't shift my eyes from her whenever she gives it a go.


Anonymous said...

abstew totally agree if i had a list of 100 actresses to play debbie harry "the dunst" would be number 99 1 above paris hilton and 1 below denise richards.

charlize theron maybe too old but she would rock it maybe cmaeron diaz but i'm picking them for physical resemblance.

Anonymous said...

I really can't understand the harsh against Dunst...I hope she plays a biopic some day so she will win a lot of awards, such as Whiterspoon, Fox and Cotillard...


Catherine said...

I love Debbie Harry, but man oh man was she frightening when I met her last year.

Anonymous said...

yeah i hope she plays in a biopic - about herself - then she can play a self indulgent,limited ranged,no box office appeal actress without struggle.

Anonymous said...

The only person that looks like Debbie and could pull off playing Debbie is Michelle Pfeiffer (boohoo, it's 10- 15 years too late). The resemblance is uncanny. And i know many people agree because Debbie fansites are rampant with fans advocating Pfeiffer to play an "older" Debbie. And Debbie has said on multiple occasions that Michelle would be perfect (though she also said she doesn't think it would happen now since Pfeiffer is older).

Kirsten? NO.

Elisha Cuthbert looks like Debbie, but I'm not sure she could pull off Debbie's charisma and edge.

Kirsten? Um NO thank you.

Anonymous said...

Also, Charlize is definitely not too old to play Debbie. Debbie became known/popular when she was in her early 30s, so Charlize would be fine. Charlize would be able to play Debbie in her early days as a playboy bunny (her 20s) and her rise to fame with Blondie (her 30s). Someone else could play a child/teenage Debbie.

However, Charlize looks noting like Debbie. Michelle Pfeiffer, y'all!


kel -- i was pulling for a Pfeiffer Harry pic years and years ago. She should have done that in her early 30s no question. They have that spooky eyed white blonde impossible cheekbones twin thing going on PLUS one of the hardest things about biopics is that you have to match the charisma of the actual famous person with something equal. Which means in many ways you gotta have a true movie star.

that said i think Dunst would surprise people. I understand that people hate her but I really think it's a mainstream perception problem and NOT a talent problem. She gets a bad rap but that's because of years in unchallenging megahits (spiderman). All one needs to do to see her talent is rent virgin suicides, cats meow, bring it on and crazy/beautiful.... in other words the early stuff.

girl is talented but the other stuff is too visible right now and people choose not to see it. Maybe in her late 20s she can have a comeback.

Anonymous said...

You're right Nat, Pfeiffer should have done it back in the early 90s. She would have been perfect, and i would've died of happiness- my two favorite beauties! Last year during her promotion of Hairspray, Pfeiffer even mentioned that she was often mistaken for Debbie back in the early 80s!

I think Dunst is very talented. I remember watching Crazy/Beautiful when I was 16 and crying during her confrontation with her dad. She was fantastic in that film, as well as Virgin Suicides and Bring It On. I don't dislike her, but I can't say I'm a fan either. She's talented, no doubt, but she has yet to completely win me over. I won't rule out the possibility though.

Glenn Dunks said...

I thought that was Kelly Rippa at first, which brings up many questions:

How old does Kelly Rippa look?

How young does Debbie Harry look?

Why does Debbie Harry look like Kelly Rippa?

Why do I know who Kelly Rippa is?

And so forth.


omg ha ha

i can't answer that last question for you but on behalf of America, I apologize.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love Ripa! Actually i think Pfeiffer, Harry, and Ripa all have a similar look. Though Ripa is much more of the "bubbly" sort, whilst Harry and Pfeiffer have more of a 'melancholy' thing going on.

Sally Belle said...

Dunst can't sing...WHY does she think she can?

I guess Harry was not the best singer either...and Kirsten looks a bit like her...so, I think she might be good.

Just, please, no more singing in films where she is supposed to sound like an accomplished vocalist.