Thursday, November 06, 2008

Is This Some Sort of Sign?


These two items, notebook and old ticket stub, fell out of my bag today as I sat down at my desk ! What could it possibly mean ?

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Fox said...

Nathaniel! Sheesh... that means it's time to clean out your bag. Does that ticket stub say "7/19"?!? Good god man.

Now, if more than one ticket stub for Mamma Mia! falls out, I'm coming to save you ASAP.

Anonymous said...

It better be a sign! Catwoman for 2011 (hopefully when we're getting our next Nolan Batflick)!

Anonymous said...

that's a neat notebook.


fox --- omg so true
Lisa -- I think so too
Anon -- I'm kinds scared of Nolan trying Catwoman because I don't think he's good w/ female characters

Anonymous said...

'I'm kinda scared of Nolan trying Catwoman because I don't think he's good w/ female characters.'

So true, so true. To be honest I don't understand why its so difficult for him to make a good female character. It's not that hard, is it?

ryansumera said...

i've always wondered how the last catwoman movie would have fared if they got katherine bigelow to direct. the last interesting female action hero i remember liking much was angela bassetts in strange days.

Michael Parsons said...

I think the reason Nolan has been quoted in the press as being hesitant to bring out Catwoman are for those exact reasons. In the Batman universe there are three characters that fans love. Batman, The Joker and Catwoman. He aced the first two so I am wondering if his hesitation has to do with the fact he realizes he cannot draw strong female characters. She probably need to be brilliantly written and then he need to get an astonishing actress.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Surrendipity I'm sure! But now we have to look at where you placed it on the blog.

It could meant that either Joan Allen or Johnathon Ryse Meyers will be cast as Catwoman in the next Batman movie.

Here's a quick list of 10 actresses i would NOT like to see play Catwomen...

1. Renee Zelwigger
2. Roseanne Bar
3. Eartha Kitt (though she could probably still pull it off! grrrrrrrrrrlglgllglglgl)
4. Dakota Fanning
5 .Meryl Streep(we love her, but NO)
6. Diane Weist (we love her too, but no,Wait.. although...hmmm? Actually she would be fucking fierce!!!....strike this)
6. Madonna
7. Kathy Griffin
8. Cathy Lee Gifford
9. Kathy Bates
10. Vanessa Redgrave

Anonymous said...

While his best characters are male, I am a fan of Carrie Ann Moss in Memento, character and everything. And that one in Insomnia is not bad either. Someone with an H. Heidi? Hope?

Pfangirl said...

Catwoman has to be in the next Batman film... no question. And frankly it makes sense now given that:
A) Bruce is without a love interest.
B) Batman has been branded a criminal, and Catwoman is traditionally the one villain who has made him question his unflinching stance on crime.

The major question though is which Selina Kyle from the comics they will choose to realise:
The fun-loving, daredevil cat burglar, who is audience-friendly but without character depth, or Frank Miller's cynical ex-prostitute turned thief, who may be a little too gritty and sensual for Nolan's asexual Gotham.


how about a compromise between th-- oh wait, we already had that in 1992.

What is even the point of bringing Catwoman back when it's already been done to perfection?

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. Pfeiffer's Catwoman was an entirely different character, nothing like the charecterizations mentioned before, and certainly not a blend of the two. Personally, I'd love to see what Nolan comes up with by himself without heeding any fan suggestions.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Catwomen has been done to perfection a few time, Julie Newmar, Eartha Kit, and Michelle Pfieffer.

i personally would like to see a new Catwoman, especially since Halle Berries film, though not her fault, was pretty aweful.


hmmm. i think Halle Berry deserves some of the blame personally cuz the performance is a stinker just like the movie.

anon -- you're probably right that Pfeiffer's wasn't a blend. I just wanted to give a shout out to my girl

Chris Na Taraja said...

I try not to blame the actor if the whole movie sucks. And that whole movie truly sucked. I wanted to love it. I tried so hard, but couldn't even sit through it.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Has anyone seen Christine Aguilara's "keeps Getting Better video? She is dressed as Catwomen, or bat girl...i don't even know, but it's hideous!

It's making me think twice about Fergie in 9.