Monday, November 10, 2008

When Hype Turns to Overkill

Are you sick of hearing about Twilight yet? I can't wrap my head around Entertainment Weekly's total slavish devotion... they didn't put Titanic or Julia Roberts on every single cover until after the nation became obsessed. You'd think EW's corporate affiliation was to Summit Entertainment rather than Warner Bros. I love vampire movies and yet I'm considering skipping it. I'm already sick of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's faces. It's been hyped so absurdly much that it can't possibly live up to expectations.

<-- At this point if Kellan Lutz isn't stark naked for the entire movie I'm going to be disappointed. (Go that extra mile, Twilight, go that extra mile)

And on that note, may I say that my blog friend JA of My New Plaid Pants really needs to stop reading my mind and beating me to the punch. Whilst preparing this post I was clicking around the internets (as I am prone to do... I multitask) and I see this post. Not only is he drooling on the exact same man (and a supporting player at that) but his banner features Isabelle Adjani in Nosferatu (1979) who I just wrote about last night for a future post, I kid you not.

Is there a hidden portal in some office or apartment building in the Tri State area that goes straight into my brain? Is JA spending a lot of time dusting himself off beside the New Jersey Turnpike lately?



Anonymous said...

And people thought Harry Potter fans were bad.lmao. Buffy FTW. I have no desire to read or see Twilight.

How come all the decent movies are coming out in the last 7 weeks of the year?It makes the Oscar race frustrating and I don't have the time or the money to go see them all.

Benjamin Button
Frost/Nixon- I thought this was released already, but I guess not.
Revolutionary Road
The Reader
and many more.

It's like WTF. I thought I was going to see Millionaire this week, but it isn't playing near me yet. WTF.


Richter Scale said...

I'm reading the book right now, and it's actually very interesting. I'm looking forward to the movie (I expectto be done wit the book b this weekend). As for devotion, well, every series has its fans. I'm a bigger fan of the Harry Potter seres, and even bigger fan of His Dark Materials (though I wish the movie for that had been better), but I'm enjoying Twilight.
By the way, Nathaniel, when are we getting the next installment of Best Pictures from the Outside In? I really want to read Gone with the Wind vs. The English Patient, and I recentl saw Rebecca, How Green Was MY Valley and Mrs. Miniver, and I would love to see the discussion forums on all of those (the 90's films for those respective films I've seen of course).

The Pretentious Know it All said...

I'm with you on being completely baffled by the hype over Twilight. Let's analyze this.
Robert Pattinson has only previously been eye-candy in a Harry Potter film.
Kristen Stewart has potential, but hasn't really given us much to be excited about.
The books (from what I gather) are like Anne Rice for the High School Musical set.
Catherine Hardwicke hasn't made a good film since 'Thirteen'
And people are somehow excited...
Am I missing something here?

Glendon said...

Forget Twilight. Nothing against it, but Let The Right One In looks so much more promising as far as vampire films go.

Rob said...

It's possible to get sick of looking at Robert Pattinson's face?!


rob -- i'm not saying he ain't pretty ;) ... i guess it would help if he changed his expression more often. But I've seen about 3 all told. I hope he's got more range as an actor than as a photographic subject.


richter --in progress now

Fox said...

Nathaniel, EW's devotion is very simple. I would guess that every issue of EW with a Twilight cover outsells other issues 3 to 1... probably more! More sales = more advertising dollars. It's business, baby! I would do the same if I were them.

I'm in the minority on this, perhaps, but I think the Twilight craze is kind of endearing. Maybe it's b/c I know people who are totally wrapped up in it, or maybe it's b/c I totally crush on Kristen Stewart.

RC said...

the only reason i can think for ew's obsession is it's selling copies.

look at ebay...people are paying insane amounts of money for covers with twilight crew on them.

Robert said...

Ugh, I just dislike the damage its done to the vampire mythos.

Undead creatures of the night who suck your blood = cool.

Dream boyfriends = slightly less.

Jason Adams said...

Dude, if I could get into your brain I'd find better ways to exploit that then just swiping your posts. I got laundry to do and feet that need massaging! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hmm, i'm looking forward to see what acting chops he has in Little Ashes... though that could be because of the homoerotic undertones i keep hearing about.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the book, Pattisons portrayel will probably be very flat and two-dimensional. I dont think the his character will translate well on screen so i wont be two harsh on his performance. His indie projects should be alot more telling.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Rob - I'm not saying that I don't love a pretty puss, and he is truly pretty, but I'm afraid he's so beautiful that I would eventually want to slap him around...much the same way we had to see Jared Leto go down in Fight Club.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, I was actually thinking about the constant media attention on Twilight the other day! I think its reached the level ABOVE overkill.

Anonymous said...

The LA Times (Tom O'Neil) joins in the hype:

gabrieloak said...
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gabrieloak said...

I feel totally out of it, but I have no interest in Twilight. The stars looks like people I can see on the CW channel. But as long as it makes it fans happy, so be it. It's not a film that I'll be running to, though the director at least isn't entirely conventional.

It's too bad stars from 30 Rock aren't in Twilight and the film isn't directed by Joss Whedon. Then EW could direct all their hype toward one media product.


gabriel -that's funny but mygod what a nightmare frankenstein monster THAT would be.

gabrieloak said...

Well actually it might be interesting to see Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin in a musical vampire film directed by Whedon, as long as it didn't take itself too seriously and Whedon didn't write the songs.

Steven said...

As a person who has read the books (well, I'm nearly done with the last installment), I can assure that the story of Twilight is interesting. I'm excited for the movie because I think it could make a great movie and transcend Stephenie Meyer's poor high school writing (again, fan of the books, but she's not the best writer).

Gabriel, the reason why the movie is filled with CW type personnel is because the main characters/vampires in the movie/books were frozen when they were late teens. Once a person becomes a vampire, according to Twilight, they morph into a physically perfect version of their former selves. The trailers, promos, and ads don't show the true spirit of the story itself, which is all about self-discovery and, yes, unconditional love. It's a twist on Romeo & Juliet if you will. Will it appeal to teens and fangirls? Yes, but I think it's only because the story's protagonists are young. The book is a little sappy, so the movie is bound to be that too in a sense, but there's lots of other things to keep everyone entertained. Well, hopefully there will be. The story has potential to at least. And if not, it should be a fun distraction before more Oscar-y movies come out. Pay no attention to the hype and give it a fair shot. I think it deserves one. And if it makes anyone excited about this movie and its possible sequels, the next one will add werewolves to the mix.


Steven said...

And may I add, Kellan Lutz is the perfect person to play his Twilight counterpart. Fits him to a T.