Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sally Hawkins, Interviewed

Ascending British actress / Oscar hopeful Sally Hawkins and I got all bicoastal by phone a fortnight ago. I apologize profusely for the irritable sound but I blame the luxury hotel she was ensconced in whilst promoting Mike Leigh's new charmer Happy-Go-Lucky.

<-- Poppy Talk!

Nevertheless I thought I couldn't not share the lovely conversation we had about her character "Poppy". We ponder Oscar buzz. We get into the nitty-gritty of Mike Leigh's famous production process. We gush about costume designer Jacqueline Durran (Atonement. green dress -- discuss). We wrap up with biopic talk. We even share a P.J. Harvey moment. Uh huh, her.

Once Sally and I are done chatting, there's a few listener calls to be answered on Doubt, Rachel Getting Married, Slumdog Millionaire and Kate Winslet's double dipping December.

Those with iTunes can get the enhanced podcast here.
If you're without, bless you, there's a standard mp3 for your listening pleasure.


Anonymous said...

OMG Thank you so much.

Her chance for Oscar is looking brighter and brighter i think. Though i love Anne's performance too, but Comedy GG is gonna be hers for sure.

Catherine said...

Awesome! I've been hoping the latest ep would come online before I head to bed. You, Nathaniel, are what we call in my corner of the globe, a ledge.


er... is that a good thing?

Anonymous said...

me too hawkins will peak at the riht time everyone will be saying hathaway and if she does loose to hawkins she will have to wait for her oscar nom,my feelings today in order

1- winslet - winner
2- jolie
3- scott thomas
4- hawkins
5- streep

Guy Lodge said...

If Catherine is from the corner of the globe I think she is, Nathaniel, that's a very good thing. ("Ledge" = "Legend")

Love Sally Hawkins. Was supposed to have tea with her on Friday, but the scheduling fell through.


Catherine said...

Yeah, ledge equals legend. Said with a really thick Dublin accent. Probably preceeded by an expletive,

So, a very good thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

*whisper* Mary Tyler Moore didn't win the Oscar for Ordinary People *whisper*

-A friend. =D

adam k. said...

Yeah I just came here to say the same thing about MTM not winning that oscar in the 1980. I'll give you one guess as to who beat her ; )

Bad, Nathaniel, bad.


oops. i'm not perfect.

Michael B. said...

I saw Hawkins at the Britannia Awards two Thursdays ago and was very nice when I told her I loved her in Happy-Go-Lucky.

She also had either a publisist or an agent with her and they were introducing her to celebrities and people in the academy. I think she's doing some silent campaigning so people get to know her name. That and critics awards are the only way she can get in. Even if she does end up winning the Golden Globe.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Nathaniel, some of your readers are happier for all the entertainment you provide (great interview!!) and don't feel the need to type "Bad, Nathaniel, Bad" when you make a mistake that anyone could make. Hope you know that! I agree that you're a "ledge," even though I'd never heard that till five minutes ago. =) Sorry to dig on you Adam, but seriously dude, give him a break!

Especially enjoyed hearing directly from one of Leigh's actors about that famed process of his. Some of the accounts out there are a little different, so I appreciated hearing from the source. This was a great listen.

Hayden said...

I'm so excited for your Bill Irwin interview. He was so freaking cute in Rachel Getting Married. Like many of us who aren't charmed by hype and fireworks, I prefer him to Heath Ledger. He shows such brilliant regression.

But seriously, I love him.


hayden -- i fear that i may gush with Bill (perhaps I'll edit it out). I seriously want him to adopt me.

is that wrong?

Hayden said...

He is so ridiculously adorable. Even when he cries...he scrunches his eyes and nose to make that baby face. And he gives his character such an airy, musical, irresistible quality. I loved him so much. So, so, so much.

Don't edit a single thing. :D

NicksFlickPicks said...

And don't ask him about Lady in the Water. Unless you think he'll dish.

Hayden said...

I don't think I could forgive myself if I didn't ask you to tell him I said hello and that I loved his performance. You can take it or leave it, though. :P

Michael B. said...

I totally agree with you about Bill Irwin. His performance just keeps getting better and better in my mind. I need to go and watch the movie again.

Rachel Getting Married already has two of my acting wins and if I see it again I'm pretty sure it will have three.

Anonymous said...

A ledge indeed! Great interview, and I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I listen to your interviews 50% for whoever you are interviewing, and 50% because you are a pretty good interviewer. Who makes mistakes, who is only human, and who is still the freaking bestest human on the interwebs.


I love this word ledge. And not just because y'all are wielding it so sweetly.

adam k. said...

Nathaniel knows I love him, I am just being snarky.

It's just funny cause it's one of those classic Oscar losses that lots of MTM fans are upset about. It's like someone saying Pfeiffer had won for Baker Boys in 1989. A strange kind of revisionist history.

Anyway, the interview was a fun listen, I like this feature.

adam k. said...

And I agree with the first anonymous person who said Hawkins' chances for oscar look very bright, and that the GG comedy is probably hers. I think the likeability of her character and the fact that the film's all about her will edge her past Anne, who has neither of those two advantages. That race screams Janet McTeer vs Reese Witherspoon in 1999 to me.

That is, unless the globes go all star-worshipping on us, and decide to get Anne up on stage for suddenly becoming a "serious actress". Which is certainly a possibility.

In any case, I expect both to make oscar's lineup, regardless.

Fox said...

You lucky dog!

I will check this out when I get home tonight!

Guy Lodge said...

Yeah, I was also thinking about the McTeer/Witherspoon comparison. (I maintain Witherspoon should have won that race, though in this case I'm on Team Hawkins.)

Shouldn't Hathaway really be competing in Drama anyway?

Anonymous said...

Sally Hawkins was amazing in "Happy-Go-Lucky." Get that Oscar nomination, Sally. Yay Poppy!

Anonymous said...

The links aren't working for me. :(


which links?

i just tested them and they work.

if you don't have an enhanced player (that might be the problem) click on the MP3 at the bottom of this post (that should work on any computer)

Anonymous said...

The links don't work for me alas (am really looking forward to listening to the podcast though!)

Clicking on the standard mp3 link gives me a 404 file not found error.


Anonymous said...

Links not working for me either. 404 error.... Can anyone help?