Friday, November 07, 2008

Now Playing: Gay Zombies, Role Models and Zoo Animals

Just opened, from least to most screens... roughly. Links go to trailers

JCVD in which the Muscles From Brussels plays himself all washed up in some sort of pseudo-doc like comedy biopic? Very strange... but it might make an interesting warm up to The Wrestler, in a way, might it not? But the real question is 'can Van Damme still do the splits while fighting in his undies?' If so: sold.
Otto; or Up with Dead People in which Bruce LaBruce (of must see fringe cinema like The Raspberry Reich) tries to scare up the horror crowd and then torture them with undead gay sex
Pray the Devil Back to Hell a in which women struggle to bring peace to civil war plagued Liberia (documentary)
The World Unseen in which two women fall in love in South Africa during the early days of Apartheid

Repo: The Genetic Opera in which stunt-casted names (Giles from Buffy, a certain hotel heiress, Andrew Lloyd Webber's ex, rock stars, etc...) rock their way towards intended cult movie glory in this busy bloody story of organ theft terror. Unfortunately clips suggest a major ear sore. At least our Giles can sing...
The Boy in Striped Pajamas in which two young boys separated by the barbed wire of a concentration camp fence, forge a friendship. With Vera Farmiga and David Thewlis
House in which two stranded couples are terrorized in a satanic motel
Soul Men in which Samuel L Jackson and Bernie Mac (RIP) do road trip comedy on their way to the Apollo Theater for a reunion concert

Role Models in which adorably dim Seann William Scott and just plain adorable Paul Rudd are forced into Big Brother type community service. Directed by David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer) so it might actually be hilarious
Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa in which the giraffe, hippo, zebra and lion are reunited for another madcap adventure that one marvels is not a DVD knockoff sequel but an actual movie playing on (gulp) 4,056 screens

Expanding: Jonathan Demme's vibrant Rachel Getting Married added over 200 screens so it should be easier for some of you to catch my latest cinematic obsession. Happy-Go-Lucky and Synechdoche New York both moved into extra markets as well. Warning on the latter two: If intensely cheerful souls OR pathetic miserabilists enrage/annoy you these aren't the movies for you as both films definitely follow the lead of their main character's worldview. But both have ardent fans, too. More on both later I hope.


BeRightBack said...

"Repo" is actually getting the type of reviews that suggest to me that it's worth seeing (for example, the Onion AV Club review). They praise Mr. Giles's sexy singing and mention that Paris Hilton's face falls off at some point. Enough for me!

Anonymous said...

I think "repo" looks so cool!

Chris Na Taraja said...

This is unrelated, but you know that when you do the peace sign backwards, in England it means "fuck off".

check out Will Smith : )

Fox said...

Didn't get to a screening of Rachel Getting Married this past week, but I am going to go tomorrow.

Can't wait!!!

p.s. Happy-Go-Lucky is probably the best film I've seen this year... so far, that is. So you can put me in the "ardent fans" camp for that one.

p.p.s I saw JCVD at a festival recently, and while I had mixed feelings about it, I would recommend you see it. It's a unique experience regardless. Though... don't think he does the splits.

Glenn Dunks said...

Repo will make an interesting DVD choice, but I am permanently wary of movies that advertise themselves as being "instant cult classics" because, my pure definition, doing so means they will never be one. To be a cult movie you need to have been made with proper intentions of being a great movie (a lot cult movies most definitely still are) but that they somehow (whether it be obvious or a mystery) just didn't click with audience-goers on initial release.

Showgirls wasn't tagged as a cult movie until after it was released and flopped. Stuff like Rocky Horror, Donnie Darko and Eraserhead all failed with so-called "mainstream" audiences and earned their reputation as cult movies by working to get seen by as many doped out people as possible.

So, to advertise your movie as "instant cult classic" means the makers have no faith whatsoever that their movie can be a hit and, usually, movies that are made to be bad (for instance The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra) are almost never that good.

So, in the end, Repo! The Genetic Opera, which perhaps being of some worth and intrigue is digging it's own grave. The people who love cult flicks will probably be offended by it's embrace of cult and the people who don't like cult movies (by experience) won't see it because, well, nothing about it sells it as anything other than a cult movie wannabe.


Anonymous said...

I've seen Otto. Pretty amusing "middle finger" towards all pretensious indie "message" movies. Has some really nasty zombie sex scenes though, so be prepared!

See it for Katharina Klewinghaus's hilarious performance, if nothing else.

Glenn Dunks said...

Otto has been on DVD here for a month or so. How strange.

Hayden said...

Off Topic: I've never seen a peace sign look any more at home than on Susan Sarandon's fingers. Such confidence, such sincerity. What a great lady.

Anonymous said...